Lidl has launched hangover-free prosecco, and no you're not dreaming

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By the time you reach your mid twenties, hangovers are generally accepted as part of life’s equilibrium. The natural order of indulgence, sent from the prosecco gods to help us remember our limits and drink responsibly.

But imagine a world where hangovers are no longer the penance for popping corks. Where fizzy fun doesn’t have to mean a fuzzy head.

Well, thanks to Lidl’s new ‘hangover-free’ prosecco, this could well be a reality. A glimpse into a new life of prosecco-chugging with reckless abandon – shall we grab our prosecco-bottle sized glasses now?

Well, no, not quite: firstly, while there are some surprising health benefits to prosecco, this would still be pretty unhealthy behaviour in a spectrum of ways (we love a glass of bubbles as much as the next woman, but not every day). Secondly, Lidl’s latest offering isn’t actual magic.

It is however, organic. And herein lies the secret to its ‘hangover-free’ status.

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Lidl’s Organic Prosecco Spumante is produced using organically-grown grapes plucked from vineyards which are completely free of chemical fertiliser, herbicide, pesticides and insecticides. The cellars used for the vinification process are cleaned with recycled water, for bonus environmentally friendly points.

This lack of sulphite preservatives (usually used in wine to keep it fresher for longer) apparently means that you’re less likely to have a bad reaction to the tipple. Which, in turn, could allow you to walk away from your night bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and entirely headache-free.

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And, for those worried that ‘organic’ means a less tasty experience, don’t. Thanks to the farming practices used to harvest the grapes, they are able to fully express their flavour, which means that those bright aromas of pear and white peach should be deliciously heightened.

The budget supermarket has been working hard to create their first ever organic sparkling wine, which will be released this Thursday (12 Oct) for a limited period of time over the festive season

And, if you don’t manage to grab yourself a bottle then, don’t despair: Lidl will be releasing a second batch on the 30 November, so be sure to pop that date in your diary, too. 

Excuse us, we’re just off to have a prosecco tasting session to test the authenticity of Lidl’s claims (all in the name of journalism, of course)…

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