4 new trends to try at London Brunch Fest

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Come armed with a gladiator appetite for the best new brunch trends, as envisaged by some of London’s leading cafés and bars

Of all meals in a day, brunch is the one most susceptible to the winds of change. Whether you choose to tuck into a plateful of Turkish eggs or a tower of fluffy pancakes depends on what school of brunch you subscribe to – as does the mimosa versus turmeric latte on the side. 

A new brunch trend seems to surface almost every week; so much so that there’s now a London event entirely dedicated to the art. The London Brunch Fest takes place at the suitably hip Truman Brewery on Brick Lane next weekend, and is the place to be if you pride yourself on knowing your organic granola from your raspberry beignets.

Showcasing all the latest and greatest ideas from the avant-garde world of brunching, the event offers foodies the chance to stay one step ahead of an ever-evolving sphere. There’ll be workshops, guest speakers and a marketplace brimming with juices, yoghurts and pastries from all over the globe. Live DJ tunes and cocktails are all part of the experience, as is a much-touted “sweet street” that will showcase boozy lollies, brownies and the latest in cutting-edge doughnut flavours.

The festival, now in its second year, is prepping its guests on what to expect by teasing a series of exclusive brunch concepts on Instagram this month. While the dishes (created by some of the capital’s leading brunch venues) are only available at London Brunch Fest, they do give a taste of what lies ahead for brunching aficionados. Here are the hot new innovations coming to a table near you soon:

The upgraded ‘avo boat’

Move over soughdough; the latest take on millennials’ go-to fruit has no call for bread. Instead, it assumes the shape of a free-standing boat and features a raft of punchy, experimental flavours, with edible flowers adding a touch of finesse to your standard avodaise helping. An impressive debut from the folks at Avobar.

Rainbow falafels

The team at Brother Marcus have elevated your standard brunch falafel into riot of punk-inspired colour here. Beetroot tahini and parsley sauce bring vibrant dashes of pinks and greens into the dish, showing just how far you can go with a little creative inspiration on your side. With tabouleh, aubergine and a hint of lemon in the mix, you can bet it tastes as good as it looks, too.

The work-of-art pastry

We love a custard pastry as much as the next breakfast buffet enthusiast, but this offering from Swedish bakery Söderberg puts rather a different spin on the art. Every element of this bake is beautifully thought-out, from cardamom and pistachio flavouring  to the delicate flakes of rose petals. It’s a masterclass in form meets function; a brunch bun that will forever stand out from the rest.

The decadent dessert bomb

What do you do when you have so many luscious textures and flavours in the offing, it’s hard to keep track? Make like Aussie brunch pros Brickwood London, and chuck ‘em all together under the heading “bomb”. This moreish creation fuses banana bread, cacao cream, peanut butter and peanut brittle into one handsome hit of a dessert that we defy you not to devour. 

Images: Brooke Lark on Unsplash, Instagram


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