A new level of #foodporn: London restaurant gives out free Instagram kits to diners

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Anna Brech
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The relationship between restaurants and phones in an age of Instagram obsession is, at best, ambivalent. 

An undignified scrum for Insta-perfect snaps has led some institutions to ban mobiles outright.

But gourmet comfort food and cocktails joint Dirty Bones has gone to the opposite extreme.

Staff at the Soho chain of the restaurant, which is inspired by New York, are offering diners a free photography kit to up their Instagram game.

Guests can avail themselves of the “foodie Instagram pack” complete with an LED light, a portable charger, a clip-on lens and a tripod selfie stick, the Evening Standard reports.

There’s plenty of visual delights on offer at Dirty Bones to sate the appetite of social media junkies.

Innovative cocktails are the speciality at the hip hangout, which also serves up a raft of comfort food treats including fried chicken, waffles with maple syrup and greasy sides.

Of particular note is its Banana Toblerone-Tella Waffles dessert, featuring caramelised banana, nutty chocolate spread, peanut butter gelato and crushed nuts.

While the idea of handing out Insta kits brings to mind crowds of would-be photographers jostling for space over cold plates of food, the folks at Dirty Bones believe the move will help them to keep pushing the boat out on their enterprising menus.

“The people that typically visit Dirty Bones tend to be very active on social media, and on Instagram in particular,” says Cokey Sulkin, founder and director of operations.

“This definitely keeps us on our toes, and ensures that we are constantly striving to create creative cocktails and dishes that are both delicious and visually appealing. We’re all about helping people capture that perfect shot.”

The Instagram kit is available on request from Dirty Bones’ Denman Street branch.

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