Get yer eatin’ pants on: 25 luxurious and unusual Easter eggs and chocolate treats

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When it comes to chocolate, the careful connoisseur and the gluttonous gastronome can both rejoice in the veritable cocoa-bean cornucopia known as the Easter holiday.

This season, the sweet of tooth have already been treated to Benedict Cumberbatch in chocolate form, but if the Cumberbunny ain't your thing (or even if it is), take a look at our gallery of curated confection for all tastes and budgets.

With beautiful bunnies, delicate delights and even a golden egg for your very own Willy Wonka moment, you need go no further for all your Easter treat needs.

Click below to browse our gallery of 25 Easter eggs and chocolate gifts. You're welcome.

  • Balloon Egg

    Raspberry white chocolate and Columbian dark chocolate combine in one sweet, gravity-defying treat. Warning: not really gravity-defying and likely to end badly should you walk gleefully around the park holding only the string.


  • Perlescent Mini Eggs

    Why have one when 30 will do? These pretty Pierre Marcolini mini chocolate eggs come in six praline flavours, including white pistachio and milk nougat varieties, and are available in smaller boxes if you're attempting some kind of restraint.


  • Cheshire Cat Egg

    Pierre Marcolini has created a Wonderland range for Easter 2016 and this Cheshire cat egg (containing mini eggs) is one of our faves.


  • Mini Shopping Bag

    A pretty mini shopper full of mini chocolate eggs would make a lovely favour at an Easter dinner party. Or an ideal emergency snack down the side of the bed. Same same.


  • Extra Thick Egg

    For those of us dissatisfied unless our chocolate treat could cause serious damage when thrown from a distance, Hotel Chocolat has a range of extra thick eggs with a heft that could take out your mortal enemies.


  • Rose & Violet Egg

    If, like us, you have a taste for the old-fashioned, try this Charbonnel et Walker egg filled with gloriously old-school rose and violet creams.


  • Egg and Soldiers

    Drop the pretence: you want chocolate for breakfast and this Hotel Chocolat creation involving praline soldiers and truffle egglets is the way to do it.


  • Banoffee Egg

    This Chokablok treat is so committed to the role of dessert it has banana chips and toffee pieces in the shell, as well as inside the egg.


  • Egg Sandwich

    Always a problem when you get to lunch and people expect you to eat like a normal person. This Hotel Chocolat caramel chocolate sandwich will slip under the radar, honest.


  • Monochrome Egg

    This from The Chocolate Society is a thing of beauty, and what's more, it comes in three varieties of chocolate. If you like your seasonal treats ever-so striking and with painstakingly hand-cut holes, this is the guy for you.


  • Pearl Egg

    Godiva presents a cluster of tiny chocolate pearls encased in chocolate egg perfection. A work of art to satisfyingly demolish.


  • Peanut Butter Eggs

    If perfectly buffed eggs aren't your bag, try these cracked peanut butter delicacies from Harrods.


  • Citrus Egg

    When you're on the seventh egg of the day, sometimes you just need a little fruit to keep you going. Tesco's lemon and Persian lime should do.


  • Beehive Egg

    Yes, we are fully aware that few people spend this much money on an Easter egg, we just wanted to show you what Fortnum & Mason call a ‘chocolate beehive sculpture’.


  • Quail Eggs

    Choc on Choc provide another way to do the whole egg thing at Easter. Surprise guests/kids/yourself with some Heston-style edible table decor perhaps?


  • Artisan Egg

    The famed Harrods food hall is home to this striking creation, made from dark chocolate, decorated with an ‘intergalactic’ pattern (their words) and containing gianduja truffles.


  • Salted Caramel Eggs

    Ever-popular salted caramel had to make an appearance somewhere, and this Artisan du Chocolat gift box of mini eggs is just the thing.


  • Golden Egg

    Come over all Veruca Salt with this golden egg from Waitrose, made from dark chocolate. It also contains six mini eggs filled with mandarin ganache. Sold and sold.


  • Peter Rabbit

    If you like your Easter chocolate a little more bunny-shaped, this Peter Rabbit treat from Charbonnel et Walker is ready and waiting.


  • Guinness Egg

    Your favourite meal-in-a-glass is now egg-shaped and made from dark chocolate, coming complete with Guinness-flavoured truffles.


  • Egg avec Booze

    This isn't just any Easter egg. This is an Easter egg AND a bottle of Prosecco. Need we say more? M&S knows us too well.


  • Sprinkles Egg

    If a bag of jazzies was a childhood favourite, just think of this Cocobean Company egg as one massive jazzy and all your dreams have come true.


  • Caramelised Bunny

    We couldn't resist sneaking in another bunny, especially as this one from The Chocolate Society looks so damned mischievous. This blonde version is caramelised white chocolate.


  • Tasting Collection

    A collection from Green & Black's for the indecisive among us. This set comes with a dark chocolate egg and 24 (yep, 24) miniature bars.


  • Lemon Meringue Egg

    Thorntons took a pudding favourite and stuck it on an egg. What more could you want?



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