Rejoice! A mac and cheese festival is coming to Britain

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What better way to honour your favourite comfort food than attend a festival in its honour?

None. There is no better way. Now’s there’s a chance to pay homage to the most glorious pasta dish of all: macaroni cheese – though you may have to be prepared to travel.

A cheesy, creamy pasta extravaganza is taking place in Glasgow this spring that will not only celebrate the delicious foodstuff,  it will crown a mac and cheese winner.

Named Pastavel, the event is is the work of local food blogger Emma Mykytyn, of Foodie Explorers and is being held at the city’s Southside Fringe Festival on a date to be confirmed in May.

She’s even created a delicious-looking trophy to bestow upon the worthy winner:

Pastaval has been a growing attraction at the annual fringe festival for several years, with local mac and cheese purveyors vying for the top spot as the region’s tastiest dish. 

“We love our mac and cheese and know others must do too, so Pastaval is back,” Mykytyn told Glasgow Live. “Buy your ticket and eat your way through Shawlands, scoring each of the venues to help crown the south side’s best mac and cheese.”

Macaroni cheese is an ancient dish that’s been made in England since the 15th century, but in Scotland it is best known in pie form. Yes, in the far reaches of the north, pasta’s not quite stodgy enough – it requires a pastry casing.

In fact, macaroni pie is so beloved north of the border that a petition against Greggs dropping the delicacy from its menu in 2015 attracted signatures from almost 2,000 macaroni pie lovers.

Alas, the protest did not work.

For tickets to Pastavel, keep checking the Foodie Explorers blog.

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