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When you think of pairing wine with food, you might think along the lines of white wine with fish and red wine with meat (a rule that’s far from hard and fast, by the way) and you might also be thinking of big meals – proper dinners that call for a sommelier to choose something appropriate.

“But what,” we hear you cry, “is the best wine to go with what I’m actually stuffing in my face of an evening?” That is to say, popcorn, crisps, chips and the like? Because, really, you’re generally at home on the sofa with the contents of the kitchen cupboard in your lap when you crack open a bottle. Well, we are.

After you’ve drunk your fill of the best wines to go with 12 different types of cake, cast your eye over this infographic detailing the wines most suited to your favourite sweet and savoury snacks.

Suggestions by Julian Miquelsome from wine blog Social Vignerons include Chardonnay and popcorn – the creamy and buttery taste of the wine matching the toasty flavour of popcorn – and Merlot with chips, as the fruitiness and slight sweetness of the red goes well with fries.

The infographic also suggests wines for tacos, tortilla chips, red velvet cupcake and sushi, as well as meals such as venison, spicy curry and garlic snails.

Thirsty yet?

To view the full infographic, click the image below.

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