It’s official: Chocolate Digestives have had a serious flavour makeover

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If you work in an office, you’ll know that something very strange happens whenever you settle down with a cup of coffee at 11am. It’s exactly the same as every other caffeine dose you take throughout the working day – except it’s not. There’s something strangely… well, strangely hollow about it all.

To quote author T.J. Bowes: “Biscuits, biscuits, wherefore art thou biscuits? Hath mine beloved hidden thou once more from mine eyes?

“Alas, mine coffee cries out. Lo!”

That’s right: your elevenses coffee is basically nothing without a chocolate biscuit to dunk in it – and now McVitie’s has decided to combine all of our favourite things in one game-changing snack.

This is the Chocolate Coffee Caramel Digestive:

That is certainly a lot to take in.

It’s still a buttery biscuit base slathered in chocolate, but it’s also got a layer of caramel – which helps to maintain your biccy’s integrity when you dunk it into a warm drink. Aka no more soggy lumps breaking off and floating to the bottom of your cuppa.

This time, however, the caramel has been infused with a rich coffee flavour, too, which means it’ll help to ease your heartache when Bob from accounts has finished off the office jar of Kenco (and failed to replace it).

If coffee isn’t your scene, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s another flavour to watch out for: the Chocolate Banoffee Caramel Digestive.

Oh McVitie’s, you’re spoiling us.

Both packets are available in shops now for £1.50 a pack. Before all you traditionalists rear your heads in outrage, don’t despair: you can still get your bog-standard caramel, chocolate and dark chocolate varieties.

There’s also rumours of a digestive biscuit out there that’s almost entirely devoid of chocolate altogether, but we’ve yet to encounter one in the wild.

Happy dunking.

Images: iStock / McVitie’s


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