Wannabe mermaids are losing it over this magical underwater-themed café

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Megan Murray
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Need another reason to visit Thailand, apart from the breathtaking views and fascinating history?

Well, how about arguably the world’s most magical bistro – an entirely mermaid-themed café? That’s right, this Instagram heaven really exists and it comes complete with underwater-themed décor, colourful food and mermaid tails for all.

The love for all things magical and multicoloured has recently been manifested itself in turning everything possible into some iteration of unicorn.

Now we have Mermaid Island Café, otherwise known as the physical manifestation of all our childhood (cough, adulthood, cough) wishes, located in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok.

So much more than an eatery, this café of dreams serves up mermaid-themed food, including mermaid tail cupcakes, cream puff oysters with pastel-coloured pearls and the cutest coffee art we’ve seen since unicorns all but took over the world.

The café has moved around to a few different spots, but thankfully has always kept its dreamy, turquoise and pink colour scheme and enchanting décor as a constant.

What’s more, on arrival customers can expect to be handed their very own mermaid tail – which, as we all know, is the ultimate sign of true mermaid citizenship.

As well as dining like the underwater princess you were always destined to be, it appears you can purchase many a themed goody to take away with you to remember your mythical experience (and of course, keep you looking fabulously water-dwelling in your everyday life).

The café’s social media accounts show off some seriously lust-worthy pieces – we’re talking shell-encrusted phone cases and The Little Mermaid statement earrings which are oh so on-trend right now.

It’s no surprise that mermaid fans have been making a splash (sorry) on social media, with many Twitter users expressing how much they would love to visit.

One mermaid enthusiast tweeted, “Omg I want to go to the mermaid island cafe”.

While another expressed their love for the cafe, saying, “MERMAID ISLAND CAFE HAS ME AT FIRST SIGHT”.

Personally, we just can’t get enough of the overpoweringly pink bathroom...

Of course, as much as we love the Mermaid Island Café, we have to face the reality that Bangkok isn’t exactly up the road and so until we get our own version in the UK we’ll be sobbing into our mermaid gins and comfort eating mermaid toast.

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