How old are our favourite childhood sweets?

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Percy Pig turns 21 this week and while we doubt he's out necking Tequila with 20 of his mates, it's still a momentous occasion for the pink gelatine porker.

Percy seems to have grown up in a flash, but he's a mere whippersnapper compared to other famous sweet brands. Take Love Hearts, whose 60th birthday is just around the corner or Sherbet Fountain, the grandpa of the confectionery industry at 88 years old.

In celebration of Percy's coming of age, we explore the birthdays of some of our other favourite childhood sweets - come take a look by clicking on an image in the gallery below:

Photos: Rex Features and Getty Images

  • Percy Pig

    Percy Pig hits the big 2-1 this week, celebrating over two decades of pink, puffy goodness. This cheery fella shifts over 10 million bags a year from M&S and has been championed by the likes of Calvin Harris, Lewis Hamilton and Andy Murray. Stay tuned for the reality TV spot.

  • Chupa Chups

    Everyone's favourite holiday lollipop is easing into middle age at 55 years old. With a logo designed by none other than Salvador Dalí, Chupa Chups has been a hit ever since its Spanish inventor came up with the idea of a "bonbon on a stick" in 1958, to avoid children getting their hands sticky.

  • Jelly Belly's jelly beans

    The Jelly Belly's jelly beans have put their wild days behind them, at a respectable 37 years old. These unusually flavoursome treats - "the Rolls Royce of jelly beans" - were once a hit with US president Ronald Reagan who famously proclaimed, "we can hardly start a meeting or make a decision without passing around the jar of jelly beans." We know the feeling.

  • Flying saucers

    Just like that ageing but glamorous actress, flying saucers are rather coy about their exact age. All we do know is these sherbet-filled discs of delight came into existence in the 1960s, making them at least 44 years old. And no less charming for it.

  • Sherbet Fountain

    At 88 years old, the Barrat Sherbet Fountain could qualify for retirement - but it's going nowhere yet. In fact, this tube of fizzy goodness is such an institution on the High Street that when the manufacturers changed its iconic paper packaging for a resealable plastic tube in 2009, a media outcry ensued.

  • Love Hearts

    These bad boys have been spreading the love since 1954, meaning they're almost old enough to collect a pension. Love Hearts were initially launched as a cracker gift with the simple message "I Love You" but as their 60th birthday approaches, a whole host of other messages including "Lush Lips" and "Cutie Pie" have evolved. On the flip side, "Good Boy" and "Hello Mum" did not make it past the 50s.

  • Haribo Starmix

    Haribo Starmix is still partying the night away as a hot young thing aged 19 years old. Kids and grown-ups love it so, as does PM David Cameron - who was seen snacking on a bag at an EU summit earlier this year.

  • Skittles

    Skittles came into the world in 1974, meaning they're now just shy of their 40th birthday. We hope they're planning a big one because Skittles have lots to celebrate, including a myriad of tangy flavours, one of the world's most recognised taglines ("Taste The Rainbow") and over 25 million likes on Facebook.

  • Werther's Original

    Werther candy is something of an esteemed elder in the confectionery world, at 110 years old. These stick-in-your-teeth caramels were invented in 1903, in a steam-powered factory in Germany's Teutoburg Forest. They benefitted from a makeover in the 1990s, as the name Werther's Original emerged for an international market.

  • Pez bars

    The Pez dispenser has an important birthday coming up this year; it turns 65. Originally marketed as an anti-smoking aide in the shape of a cigarette lighter in 1948, this nifty creation quickly evolved into a treat for kids.

    In the 50s, the brick-shaped pellets within expanded from mint to a whole range of fruity flavours and characters including robots and Santas were introduced. Pez - that one-time Nicotine antidote - never looked back.