Pink prosecco is coming to the UK, but we’ll have to wait a while for it

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Pink prosecco is coming to the UK in 2021

Pink prosecco is the drink we’re all going to be blushing over next summer. Here’s everything we know about its grand arrival to the UK.

As lockdown continues to ease, some of us have been lucky enough to book a slot at one of London’s best rooftop bars or coolest wine bars over the last few sunny weeks. Sipping a refreshing tipple in the good weather has made us feel a little more normal during the pandemic

Of course, others have preferred to stay at home, with orange wine now being the vin du jour for home deliveries, and DIY simple cocktail recipes being recreated for garden BBQs across the nation. 

One thing’s for sure: we can’t wait for our summers to go back to normal and spend them exactly how we want to. And we now know exactly what we’ll be drinking to celebrate with when they do…

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Pink Prosecco is now officially a thing, and it’s coming to the UK next year. 

The Prosecco DOC Consortium has announced that production of prosecco DOC Rosé has been approved (hurrah!). 

As per industry magazine The Drinks Business, new regulations state rosé prosecco must be made with a Glera base and blended with 10% - 15% Pinot Nero, with Brut Nature and Extra Dry being the only two permitted styles.

Pink prosecco has just been given the official go-ahead.
Pink prosecco has just been given the official go-ahead.

The wines are allowed to go on sale at the earliest on 1 January following the harvest, and labels must be vintage dated with a minimum of 85% of the fruit coming from the stated vintage.

This means pink prosecco should be in UK bars and on our shop shelves by summer 2021. 

Food & Drink also reports that up to 30 million bottles will be produced per year, which would mean that about one in every 16 bottles of prosecco will be pink.

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You might think you’ve already enjoyed pink prosecco, but that will have been rosé sparkling wine. Just like champagne, there are strict regulations around what can officially be called prosecco. 

We’re already dreaming of sipping a flute of the pink stuff on a rooftop next summer. See you there!

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