The best ways to serve prosecco: how to open, optimum temperature and how to pour

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Have you been pouring prosecco incorrectly all this time? Here’s our guide on the best way to serve a glass of fizz, for the best possible bubbles. 

Look, we know it’s a trope, but we must admit that whether at Saturday brunch or at the park after work, nothing goes down quite so well as a chilled glass of prosecco

Refreshing, crisp, dry and as bubbly as possible, this sparkling wine gets us in the mood for celebrating every time. 

So, on National Prosecco Day, 13 August, we think you owe it to yourself (and your tastebuds), to work on your skills as a prosecco drinker and learn the do’s and don’ts of serving this popular tipple.

We spoke to Italian wine brand Mionetto, which has a particular passion for prosecco, to get experts tips on the best technique to serve a perfect glass of fizz.

According to Mionetto, you see, more than half of Britains (51%) serve prosecco either too warm or too cold. While 63% of us don’t know the optimal pouring angle for a bottle of bubbly. If that sounds like you then you’re luck, because we’ve got all the facts to arm you as hostess with the mostess.

What’s the correct way to pop a bottle of prosecco?

When it comes to popping a bottle of prosecco it seems most people have the wrong technique, with 65% of us pulling the cork from the bottle. In actual fact, we should wiggle and pull the bottle itself, rather than the cork, to correctly release the bubbles within. First, remove the foil on the bottle. This is usually done by pulling a little tab but can also be done with a wine opener’s knife. 

Then, loosen the wire cage around the cork by flipping down the small wire ‘key’ and twisting it. Hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle, making sure you keep it pointed in a safe direction, away from yourself and other people. Hold the bottom of the bottle with one hand and the cork with the other. Holding the cork firmly, use your dominant hand turn the bottle slowly towards you. This will gently loosen the cork until it eases out.

What temperature should prosecco be served at?

Mionetto’s research says that 20% of prosecco drinkers think that a balmy 12-14 degrees is the correct temperature to best release the flavours and aromas within. But the correct temperature to get the most from your bottle is a cool 6-8°C. This equates to about 7 hours of fridge time – or, if you’re in a rush, pop in an ice bucket for 15 minutes.

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What angle should I pour a bottle of prosecco?

Who knew there was a specific angle to pour prosecco at? We’ll raise a hand here and say we didn’t! It turns out a 45 degrees is the magic number to achieve the perfect pour. This should mean that the bubbles don’t overflow. It’s also best to pour the liquid down the side of the glass, so that they don’t hit the bottom too quickly.

What glass should I serve prosecco in?

Glass flutes are actually not the perfect vessel for prosecco. This is because they stop the bouquet of the wine releasing effectively which means you don’t get all of the aromas you should. Instead, prosecco is best served in a tulip style sparkling wine glass. The height and slenderness of the tulip glass stop the bubbles escaping too quickly, and the bulb at the top collects the floral aromas coming from the wine.

Where should I store a bottle of prosecco?

If prosecco is stored in the fridge for too long, the cork can dry out. This causes the liquid to oxidize more quickly, which can change its aroma. So, if you have a few days or weeks to go before serving, store your bottles of bubbly in a cool dry place away from heat and light. This also helps to avoid any explosive cork pops when opening. 

If you fancy some dessert alongside that glass of bubbly, why not try this prosecco-infused cupcake recipe? It’s the perfect accompaniment!

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