Try these delicious recipes for alternatives to pasta, bread and eggs

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Noodles as alternative to pasta

Are you looking for an eggs substitute? Do you need another option for bread? Panic buying during lockdown has left supermarket shelves empty, but panic not. Here are some simple recipes that use tasty and nutritious alternatives you might never have thought of.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to grow across the world and panic-buyers continue to grab headlines (and essentials), supermarkets have been limiting customers to buying between one to four items per product and introducing dedicated shopping hours for the elderly, vulnerable and NHS staff.

While Health Secretary Matt Hancock has repeatedly reassured the public that food stocks won’t run out, it’s only natural to feel perturbed by the numerous images of empty shelves and trolleys circulating on social media.

However, from perusing the shelves of my locals in North London, it’s been interesting to see what shops haven’t been running out of. 

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Although crunchy peanut butter was out, I noticed a very0 healthy supply of the smooth stuff (so that’s that long debate settled.) There’s a gaping void where there once was tinned tuna, but nobody seems to want the tinned salmon. And as someone who eats rice noodles on an almost-daily basis, it looks like I’ll still be able to for infinity and beyond.

Of course, not everyone exists on the diet of a nutty pescatarian with a penchant for pho. If your cupboards normally consist of pasta, eggs and bread, while there’s plenty to go around, it doesn’t hurt to consider some other options for your cupboards. 

So, here are some nutritious recipes using some tasty alternatives that you’ll find at any time of day. You might just find a new favourite…

Swap pasta for noodles

Vermicelli noodles
That's not spaghetti? Had us fooled...

With the right sauce, you might never go back to spaghetti. There are plenty of noodle-y alternatives out there for you, whether they’re egg, rice or pea-based. And if you’re handy with a spiraliser and find these veggies on your travels, courgetti or butternut squash noodles work great too.

Rice noodles in particular are a great alternative. They’re gluten-free, super quick to cook and you can absolutely fill your boots without feeling really sleepy or heavy afterwards. 

Try this recipe from Bon Appetit for Rice Noodles al Pomodoro with Chili Oil.

Try tofu instead of eggs

Tofu salad
Marinade for a tasty salad topping.

Unless you’re vegetarian or vegan, chances are you haven’t cooked with tofu before. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, tofu is incredibly versatile, as well as being a great source of protein, rich in minerals and cholesterol-free.

Give this BBC Good Food recipe for tofu scramble a try. 

Instead of sliced bread, make your own flatbreads

So simple, even I can make them.

I’m not talking about going out there and buying yeast or a breadmaker (though you could if you’re so inclined.) While making a curry the other night, I swapped rice for my first attempt at making roti and all I needed was flour, water and salt. And I’m telling you now, I am forever changed.

Have you ever tried a breakfast flatbread? Yes, you probably have, and paid £8.50 for the privilege, and that’s before the £5 side of mushrooms.

Try this really simple recipe from Jo’s Simple Larder for basic flatbreads to get you started, and away you go.

Try tinned salmon instead of tuna

Salmon wraps
Fill tortillas with tinned salmon, avocado and veggies for a quick dinner.

There are two types of people who buy tinned tuna: The type who get it in “just in case” and let it gather dust in their cupboards, and the type who “accidentally” end up having it for dinner three times a week because they’ve worked late and can’t be bothered to put anything else on their potato.

But have you ever considered tinned salmon? It certainly packs the right nutritional punch and it’s going strong in the shops.

Try this Bev Cooks recipe for tinned salmon with quinoa and spinach.

This article was first published on 20 March 2020

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