Rose gold lattes are here to rock our world

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Anna Brech
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First came unicorn lattes, then goth lattes created an Instagram storm. Now, there’s a new kid on the coffee block for 2018…

Hold up, style mavens: there’s a new latte trend coming to our Instagram feeds in the New Year.

Granted, pretty coffee creations may be somewhat frothy on the sphere of world affairs, but there’s no denying their photogenic capital. 

In fact, if latte art were Bitcoin, their stocks would be flying right about now.

This year alone has seen rise to the goth latte (so very Morticia Addams), the designer latte, the avolatte and the unicorn latte; all of which have sparked untold excitement in the realm of all things Instagram.

But now comes a fresh new concept to set the rest in the shadows.

Behold, the rose gold latte:

This gloriously on-trend creation is the brainchild of S3 Coffee Bar in San Diego, where it debuted in October.

The iced drink is actually caffeine-free, and features a toasted almond herbal tea base, sweetened with rose-infused syrup and a dollop of honey.

Rose petals then give a little wow factor, with 24k gold glitter as the final flourish. The result? A beautiful Insta-prepped vision that pleases from every angle.

The latte’s bold colour palette is the embodiment of millennial pink, one of this year’s hottest shades.

 This, and the fact that it’s sans caffeine, with serious Insta-potential, makes it the ultimate in hipster lattes. 

Or, as one blogger puts it: “It should totally be called a Millennial’s Dream Latte”.

So, it looks good, but how does the rose gold latte taste?

According to rave reviews on Yelp, the answer is: pretty damn delicious.

“It was like a rose lychee flavour and the gold just adds a pretty shimmer,” writes one happy customer, as another adds: “It tasted like a mixture of chai, hibiscus, and cinnamon. It was soo good!”

The rose gold latte hasn’t actually made it across the pond yet, but watch this space.

We see 2018 heralding in the dawn of a latte-pink tinge…

Images: Instagram/@s3coffeebar


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