Your Starbucks Halloween Frappuccino fix is here and it’s fangtastic

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One of the harsh realities of adult life is accepting our trick-or-treat days are behind us, and that we’re forced to look elsewhere for our sugar kicks come 31 October.

But one purveyor of treats we can always rely on for a seasonal onslaught of goodies is Starbucks – and this Halloween they’ve well and truly got our backs with a new Frappuccino.

The coffee house is already famed for its autumnal offering (we’re looking at you, pumpkin spice latte) and now it has revealed that up until All Hallows Eve itself we can get our claws on something super sweet and super spooky to get us in a scary state of mind.

Forget the Day of the Dead or Harley Quinn-mania that filled our Instagram feeds last year, this Halloween it seems that vampires are in – well, when it comes to food trends anyway. Following suit from Percy Pig’s vampy get-up and Colin the Caterpillar’s terrifyingly toothy makeover, Starbucks has introduced a ‘fangtastic’ Vampire Frappuccino to menus for a limited time only.

The signature chocolate-ice blend is topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of fake blood-esque strawberry sauce.  

The Vampire Frappuccino

The Halloween special is available in Starbucks branches now, but the clock is ticking…
The Frappuccino is already a big hit in countries such as Thailand and Australia, with many Starbucks fans taking to Twitter to give the drink glowing reviews – which is a good sign for us Brits, who are only just getting the chance to try it out. 

One Twitter user clearly felt the new addition to Starbucks’s menu was life-changing, writing, “Today I tried the @Starbucks vampire frappuccino and my life changed forever.”

It may not be Christmas yet, but this season really is the gift that keeps on giving – if you liked the sound of all that you’re going to love the rest of Starbucks’s Halloween menu which includes mummy- and pumpkin-shaped cookies.

The cute cut-out biscuits are shaped from gingerbread and decorated with colourful icing, ever so slightly reminiscent of the trick or treat goodies of our past.

This is certainly pumpkin you'll want to try!

Our only Halloween-y wish left to be granted is that those Zombie Frappuccino rumours come true, after reports than the coffee chain could be making a green beverage with bright pink cream topping to add to its seasonally scary menu. But alas, so far Starbucks has refrained to confirm if the whisperings of frap fans are true. 

So perhaps thanks to Starbucks, childhood Halloween indulgences aren’t entirely behind us after all. Apart from, y’know, having to pay for your treats.

You might be disappointed if you turn up to the till dressed in a witches hat expecting a hand-out though…

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