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BREAKING NEWS: celebrities actually eat food! And it's not just lots of kale smoothies! In fact, they eat a lot of healthy and not-so-healthy stuff, including stews, cookies and chocolate cake (no, really).

For example, Mindy Kaling is partial to whipping up salad dressing according to Gwyneth Paltrow's It's All Good book, whereas Drew Barrymore enjoys making silly faces with her food.

Unsurprisingly, both Taylor Swift and Zooey Deschanel like to bake, but others like to make like a lady and dine out on crème brûlée, while some just love to tuck into a bit of avocado on toast.

Here, we've found what some of our favourite celebrities have been cooking up in their kitchens, or what they're eating when they've been out and about.

Yes, you will be hungry after reading this.

(Images: Instagram)

  • Mindy Kaling

    I invited Bronson over for lunch from the #itsallgood cookbook so I prepped by making the salad dressing this evening. Making my own salad dressing is something that, last month, I might have said "are you fucking kidding me? Why do I have so much time? Did the show get cancelled?" But I was stupid. This is the BEST salad dressing I've ever tasted and now I want to like, eat salads. (Which I will, this whole week, I think?).


  • Olivia Wilde

    Craving Cafe Gitane's avocado toast. (Possibly the easiest thing in the world to make but I only want it from them.) Yea I take picture of my food.


  • Cara Delevingne

    Breakfast of champions


  • Cameron Diaz

    Why do I love thee so #kale. #theeverythingsalad my yummiest snack I eat everyday between breakfast and lunch. #keepshannigangoing #foodisfuel #delicious


  • Jimmy Fallon

    Looks like Deadmau5 made my breakfast. Good morning.


  • Naomi Campbell

    #breakfast nothing better #greendrink #spicey


  • Kimberley Walsh

    #redwinebeefstew gotta love @jamieoliver #sundays


  • Mariah Carey

    Sunday Dinner w/ The Fam❤ Happy Sunday everyone!


  • Michelle Dockery

    Cuppa creme brulee luv


  • Drew Barrymore

    This makes me happy #cheapthrillswithbreakfast


  • Oprah

    Happy spring break Cococnut French toast Saturday at our house!Can hardly wait for #Super Soul Sunday


  • Taylor Swift

    Days off are for......


  • Anna Kendrick

    "Cooking is easy" they say. Sure it's pretty, but that was the WORST. This better be damn delicious. #PumpkinCurry (This one's for you KS)


  • Jessica Alba

    Lunch #ATL #setlife @barelylethalmovie


  • Zooey Deschanel

    Happy New Year's Eve! I just made chocolate on chocolate chip pie...