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YouGov has settled the debate once and for all with a definitive ranking of the best selection box chocolates.

Although it’s more than possible to purchase a selection box of individually wrapped chocolates all year round, they often make us think of Christmas.

Sat on the sofa on Christmas Day, donning novelty pajamas and slightly crumpled paper crown (a la Bridget Jones), a box of Quality Streets is the perfect accompaniment to the Doctor Who special on TV. Over the hubbub of Jodie Foster’s masterful portrayal of the Doctor, and granddad’s snoring, it’s inevitable that the yearly debate will arise – which chocolates are the best, and who’s eaten them all?

Well, thanks to YouGov, you can now put an end to the bickering: the data analytics firm has officially named the top of the chocs. Looking at Quality Street, Cadbury Heroes, Celebrations and Cadbury Roses, YouGov’s new Omnibus research has ranked each box’s selection of chocolates from best to worst, based on which Briton’s would name them a favourite. 

And the results make for compelling reading…

Quality Street

There’s no doubt that Quality Street’s miniatures have long been making a big name for themselves, especially after the brand started producing larger versions available to buy individually. For some, those velvety smooth Green Triangles towered above the rest, for others it was all about the Strawberry Delight. 

Well, it may (or may not) surprise you but for 37% of us, The Purple One is the only way to go. For many, this hazelnut doused in runny caramel and wrapped in chocolate is the equivalent of chocolatey heaven, coming second to none. 

1. The Purple One (37%)
2. Green Triangle (27%)
3. Caramel Swirl (26%)
4. Strawberry Delight (22%)
5. Orange Creme (21%)
6. Milk Choc Block (20%)
7. Fudge (19%)
8. Toffee Finger (19%)
9. Honeycomb Crunch (17%)
10. Orange Crunch (17%)
11. Toffee Penny (16%)
12. Coconut Eclair (13%)

Swindon, United Kingdom - December 20, 2015: Quality Street Chocolate Isolated On White Background. A popular selection of individual sweets, usually contained in tins or boxes, made by Nestle in England.


Thanks to the well known chocolate brands that take pride of place in a box of Celebrations, any old Joe can dip a hand in and find a sweet treat that pleases them. From a coconut filled Bounty to a nutty Snickers, you really can’t go wrong. But according to 39% of the nation, the chocolate we’re all reaching for first has to be the Maltesers Teaser, which really is no shocker. 

1. Maltesers Teaser (39%)
2. Galaxy (29%)
3. Galaxy Caramel (27%)
4. Bounty (24%)
5. Snickers (23%)
6. Twix (18%)
7. Milky Way (16%)
8. Mars (15%) 

Swindon, United Kingdom - April 18, 2014: Box of Celebrations on a white background, Celebrations are a chocolate collection made by Mars, Incorporated

Cadbury Roses

For those that love themselves a bit of Cadbury Roses, there’s plenty of delicious options to choose from. Fancy a bit of caramel? Let us introduce you to the Golden Barrel. Truffle float your boat? The Signature is just the thing. But of course, there can only be one winner and in this case the results are telling. 

Coming out on top is originally named, Hazel in Caramel, a very similar concoction to Quality Street’s The Purple One. This reoccurring theme proves just how much people love a hazel nut covered in caramel with a coating of chocolate. 28% of us agreed that the Hazel in Caramel was the only way to go when it comes to Cadbury Roses, with the Golden Barrel coming in second place. 

1. Hazel in Caramel (28%)
2. Golden Barrel (25%)
3. Hazel Whirl (25%)
4. Strawberry Dream (20%)
5. Caramel (15%)
6. Tangy Orange (15%)
7. Country Fudge (15%)
8. Coffee Escape (14%)
9. Signature Truffle (12%)
10. Caramel Bite (10%)
11. Brazilian Darkness (10%)

Cadbury Heroes 

Last, but by no means least, is Cadbury Heroes. This top-notch selection box sees some of the most loved chocolate bars in the UK shrunk down and thrown together, so you can have the experience of devouring the whole confectionery aisle in one sitting. 

Dairy Milk, Wispa and Twirl are just some of the mouth-watering names you’ll find in a box of Heroes - but which one’s you’re favourite? Well, according to the nation, Twirl’s are the most snaffled treat with 34% of Britons naming it as their favourite. Dairy Milk comes in at the second spot with Eclair trailing behind last place. 

1. Twirl (34%)
2. Dairy Milk (33%)
3. Wispa (29%)
4. Dairy Milk Caramel (28%)
5. Fudge (21%)
6. Creme Egg Twisted (21%)
7. Eclair (17%)

This knowledge is bound to give you extra cunning next time a selection box is passed round, so now you’ve sussed out what your friends and family are partial too, be sure to stock-pile your favourites.

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