Weekend brunch lovers, ahoy: where to eat the best eggs in Britain

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Poached, scrambled, fried, with soldiers, with mayonnaise, or ketchup on the side; eggs are the most versatile food of all time and they're only getting better. With the rise of brunch as an intrinsic part of any successful weekend, eggs are truly owning the culinary limelight.

To borrow from our childhood friend Noddy, there's only one thing better than a boiled egg - two boiled eggs. How right he was. 

We've compiled a list of the best places around the UK to get an egg fix. Be sure to consult this list before your next brunch. 

Compiled by Sophie Gallagher

  • Kopapa, Covent Garden

    A pot of eggy deliciousness; these Turkish eggs can be found in Soho’s Kopapa. The dish consists of two softly poached eggs bathing in a concoction of whipped yoghurt, hot butter and chili, with a side of toast for essential mopping.

    When you dive in, you’ll be transported straight to the bustling streets of Istanbul. You’ll have to go yourself to visit the blue mosque…but it’s the next best thing.

  • Bakers & Co, Bath

    Bakers & Co specialises in grown-up eggs. Try the beetroot cured Devonshire river trout with courgette fritter, poached eggs, sour cream, lime and chilli. Or the seared steak, sage butter, poached eggs, watercress and sourdough (which is baked on site every morning). You can even buy an extra loaf to take home with you afterwards.

  • Yolk, various locations

    Pop-up egg emporium, Yolk, is on a mission: “to serve the best eggs you’ve ever eaten.” Moving from place to place (look out on their site for the next location), Yolk serves free-range British eggs with a twist.

    Specialties include slow-scrambled duck eggs with truffle oil, pecorino, parsley and toasted sourdough, and runny-yolked Scotch egg with pork shoulder and rolled in panko breadcrumbs.

  • Trof, Manchester

    Trof is Manchester's best breakfast spot. The Sausage and Egg Trofmuffin is a sight to behold: meat patty, melted cheese and a deliciously runny fried egg, all sandwiched between a toasted English muffin.

    For the vegetarians, the Egg Shroomy is the one: mushrooms, lemon and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. 

    If that's not enough to get you out of bed in the morning then we don't know what is.

  • Bad Egg, Moorgate

    If you love a rebel, Bad Egg is the place for you, and the go-to spot in the City for egg-based deliciousness. We recommend the guacamole, siricha and fried egg bap.

    If you’re after a sure-fire hangover cure, be sure to get the cheeseburger hash – think burger without the bun smashed into crispy fries, with a fried egg on top. Hello recovery.

  • Good Egg, Stoke Newington

    The team at Good Egg modestly describe themselves as “a few friends who started out flipping eggs”, and through crowdfunding have managed to open up a bricks and mortar egg-stop. But in reality, they’re much more than that.

    Not only are they making morning better by serving up some pretty scrumptious eggs but they also work alongside local schools to make sure no child goes to school hungry. We all need more good eggs in our lives…

  • EggBreak, Notting Hill

    From the people that bought you Pizza East, Chicken Shop and The Hoxton Hotel, EggBreak is Notting Hill’s newest addition. Every option on the menu here is egg-based, so it’s not one for the unconverted.

    We would get cracking with the egg and fried chicken bap – a dish stacked so high you will dislocate your jaw if you saunter in with no forward planning. Be sure to go to EggBreak with an empty stomach, every dish is a test of endurance.

  • Wings Eggs, Fulham

    The breakfast menu at WingsEggs has its own 'eggs only' category. Broken down into nationalities including Russian, Mexican, Indian and Peruvian, these are certainly no wallflower eggs.

    Served on a canteen tray there is something about the combination of nostalgia and eggs that just really hits the spot. If you’re in the market for something more exotic, like an Emu or Ostrich egg, this is the place to be.

    Be adventurous and try the Peruvian eggs with crayfish, stir fry vegetables and fresh fruit.

  • Breakfast Club, Brighton

    Competing with Brighton’s foodie scene is no mean feat, Breakfast Club are holding their own.

    Obviously, the salmon and scrambled eggs on multigrain bloomer is a crowd pleaser, as is the wide selection of Eggs Benedict. 

    If you’re on a health kick swap, out the toasted English muffin for a roasted butternut squash stack. Delicious.

  • Home Sweet Home, Manchester

    If you’re all about super-sizing it, then Home Sweet Home is your spirit egg.

    Is it meant to be eaten or just Instagrammed to within an inch of its life? Either way it is definitely worth a visit.

  • Foxcroft & Ginger, Stoke Newington

    Foxcroft & Ginger have teamed-up with Beyond Retro to bring us the world’s first Poached Egg Bar. 

    Whilst you’re browsing for vintage gems in Dalston, your eggs are cooked for an hour at exactly 63 degrees to achieve the perfectly runny yolk.

  • Ernest, Newcastle

    At Newcastle’s Ernest, the toasted muffin with pesto, poached eggs, spinach, pancetta and Halloumi is a dream.

    Or go for the pan-fried chorizo with seasoned potatoes, red onion, topped with spinach, a poached egg and hollandaise mayonnaise. 

    Trust us, your taste buds will thank you.

  • BakChich, Liverpool

    For a Lebanese breakfast, head to Liverpool's BakChich. 

    Try either the Arabic breakfast with Zaatar eggs, falafel, labneh and bread or the vegetarian Lebanese breakfast, with a fried egg, halloumi cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and labneh.

  • Adventure Cafe, Bath

    Keep it simple at Bath's Adventure Cafe, with scrambled eggs on bloomer. If you're feeling peckish there is a whole range of Eggs Benedict options, as well, including Florentine and Royale.

    There's something here for everyone.

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