From orange blossom pancakes to rhubarb chutney toast, the most beautiful breakfasts of Instagram

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Anna Brech
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There's nothing like Instagram to put your food habits in perspective. 

We realise we've been missing a trick with our measly excuse of a breakfast. While we tend to make do with a dashed piece of toast or a pot of porridge on-the-go, the food bloggers of this world have been cooking up delights such as Tahini hot chocolate, orange blossom pancakes and rhubarb chutney toast.

They are fully aware that the day just starts better with an artful sprinkling of pomegranate molasses on blueberry banana compote, or with a fresh batch of bacon flatbread. 

And while we don't always have the time to create picture-perfect breakfasts, we can at least grab some inspiration for that next lazy Sunday morning. So let your stomach rumble in anticipation and your creative juices flex, as you come take a look at a few of the most beautiful breakfasts around:

Words: Anna Brech

  • Blueberry banana compote

    "Blueberry banana nice cream topped with hemp seeds, almonds, gojis, pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs, pomegranate rubies, and a slice of Kiwano!"


  • Tahini hot chocolate

    "Tahini hot chocolate and a mini cookie cake for this cozy morning!"


  • Beet Hollandaise and pancakes

    "Beet Hollandaise Eggs Benny & Orange Blossom Pancakes at #JacksWifeFreda West Village.... everyday till 5pm"


  • Penguin oatmeal

    "Everything's Better With Penguins! #oatmeal #blueberries #clementine"


  • Bacon flatbread

    "Croissants, crêpe, and bacon flatbread on this fine Sunday morning"


  • Peach and avocado fruit bowl

    "All the pretty things. #breakfast"


  • Cream cheese bagels

    "Lox, cream cheese, avocado, tomato, caper, always."


  • Blueberry waffles

    "Strict 2015 diet: WAFFLES."


  • Smashed avocado and rhubarb chutney toast

    "Toast. It's a thing. Smashed avocado with chile flake and rhubarb chutney with Beecher's Flagship cheddar"


  • Pancakes and burrata toast

    "Pancakes for me, burrata toast for @merzydotes.#timsfood"


  • Egg in a hole

    "Bringing back a childhood classic #egginahole"


  • French toast




  • Brocolli cheddar egg bread

    "Broccoli cheddar egg hot sauce action. Fold it over and it becomes an instant breakfast sandwich.#shutterbeanbreakfast"


  • Bakes and pastries

    "Breakfast at @HuckCafe Sooo wonderful"


  • Dutch pancakes

    "Sunday Dutch pancakes topped with leftover quick jam from last weekend."


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