From bacon rolls to banana brownies, the top ten most delicious and effective recipes for easing a nasty hangover

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Life can be cruel indeed when you're suffering the hangover from hell.

One minute you're dancing to dodgy 80s tunes, shot of tequila in one hand and a random high-heel shoe in the other. The next, you're pale and sweaty with grey skin, a pounding headache and a stomach that flinches the moment anyone so much as raises their voice.

There's only one thing to do in a situation like this: eat your way out of it.

We've put together our ten favourite recipes that will tackle the effects of too much booze by flushing out your system, clearing your head and providing you with a much-needed boast in energy and metabolism levels. 

From asparagus to peppermint and coconut water, there's a whole load of ingredients out there that will do battle with your hangover by way of their antioxidant, hydrating and vitamin-rich properties.

Whether it's white chocolate banana brownies (potassium hit) or the traditional bacon sandwich (breaks down amino acids), these soothing and reviving dishes promise to ease away your pain. Plus, let's face it, guilty pleasure over-eating is the one silver lining of an alcohol overload...

So forget the Nurofen and go forth and refuel. Don't let the hangover triumph! 

  • Bacon sandwich with hot ham and cheese

    Great for: breaking down amino acids

    Always a popular post-drinking treat, bacon sandwiches have been scientifically proven to ease hangovers - the carb-heavy bread and protein-rich bacon work to break down amino acids, which gives you a clearer head and increases your metabolism. This recipe comes with hot ham, caramelised onion and cheese for added kicks.

    Find the recipe here


  • Coconut, Vanilla & Almond Butter Smoothie

    Great for: rehydration

    The natural electrolytes in coconut water make it a great source of rehydration - research has indicated it may replace lost fluids more quickly than both plain water and sports drinks. The milk, vanilla and almost butter lend a yummy edge (plus you can add in vanilla protein powder for added fuel).

    Find the recipe here


  • Wasabi noodles

    Great for: stimulating blood circulation

    Wasabi is pretty potent stuff but if you think you can handle it post-drinking, it will do wonders to kick-start your system. It stimulates blood circulation and promotes the oxygenation of cells, which in turn will speed up the removal of toxins from your body more quickly. You could always chuck in some ginger too, to soothe your stomach.

    Find the recipe here


  • Banana brownies

    Great for: potassium 

    Banana brownies are delicious at the best of times but they're a powerhouse when it comes to curing hangovers. Not only are bananas full of potassium, which we lose when we drink, they also contain plenty of magnesium to relax the blood flow and ease a throbbing head. Naturally anti-acidic, they also help to reduce nausea.

    Find the recipe here


  • Fresh Tomato and Ricotta Whole Wheat Pasta

    Great for: vitamin C

    Good old tomatoes are chockablock with vitamin C, which takes a big hit during drinking. They also contain the antioxidant lycopene, to reduce inflammation in the body. And wholegrain pasta contains vitamin B to fuel your energy levels.

    Find the recipe here.


  • Peppermint tea lemonade

    Great for: digestion

    Herbalists have long advocated the hangover-reducing power of peppermint tea. Its carminative qualities will ease the stomach and calm down bloating and nausea and the addition of fresh lemon will help your body to detoxify. Ignore the suggestion of a splash of vodka or gin with this particular recipe!

    Find the recipe here


  • Eggs benedict with asparagus

    Great for: iron and folate

    Kick-start your energy levels with this king of hangover breakfasts, with iron-rich eggs and asparagus full of folate (vitamin B9). The bacon gives it that little extra oomph. 

    Find the recipe here.


  • Honey granola bars

    Great for: toxin-battling antioxidants

    Raw honey is positively bursting with antioxidants and minerals such as potassium to fight toxins and boast your energy levels. It also contains concentrated fructose to help flush out alcohol from your body more quickly. Oats - i.e. dietary fibre - will help soak up toxins as well. Drizzle plenty of honey over the top for full effect. 

    Find the recipe here


  • Mushrooms on wholemeal toast

    Great for: vitamin B

    Wholegrains like wholemeal toast are a plentiful source of vitamin B, which is critical for metabolism and energy. Your B levels will have depleted significantly post-drinking, so give them an extra leg up with B-rich mushrooms and eggs as an optional iron-giving extra. 

    Find the recipe here


  • Jacket potato with cheese and beans

    Great for: folic acid and fibre

    The ultimate hangover cure (and Editor Maggie's sworn by cure), a jacket potato with cheese and baked beans will give you a good grounding of carbs to break down amino acids. Baked beans are rich in fibre (to absorb alcohol in your system), iron (to boast energy levels) and folic acid (to help support the liver).

    Best of all? You don't need a complicated recipe to make it. Throw in a few veggies on the side for an added vitamin C hit. 

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