This is what your favourite sweet says about you

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Forget horoscopes, tarot and hundreds of complex personality-testing questions – just find your favourite treat below and we’ll tell you what it (kind of) reveals about you…     

Are you the kind of person with the patience to whittle out that hard-boiled sweet for a good few minutes? Or maybe you like the instant gratification of a flying saucer melting on your tongue?

Inspired by countrywide favourite fruity chew Fruittella launching its 30% less sugar range (that means more sweets, right? No?), we’ve been thinking about what your sweet of choice says about you.

So, in the spirit of real science, find your fave below and prepare to be vaguely surprised. Or horrified.

1. Pear drops

These retro sweets with a sour kick are totally back in fashion – just like you and your monocle. 

Yep, you’re a retro hipster who goes in search of discontinued cereals and who wishes you’d kept your cassette mixtapes. 

No judgement here.  

2. Fruittella

You’re smart and chic as hell. Just like how each sweet has its own little jacket, your wardrobe is bursting with bold block colours and you’re clever enough to practice everything in moderation. 

Which is why Fruittella is right up your alley. 

None of this dampening of flavour nonsense – just straight-up fruity deliciousness with less sugar.

3. Cola bottles

Just like this sensible yet yummy gummy, you’re a dependable pal who’s good fun at a party but won’t be embarrassing yourself, or anybody else, anytime soon. 

You’re honest and caring – which is why your friends love you – and absolutely the real thing. 

4. Travel sweets

If you’re someone who not only keeps travel sweets in the car but also cites them as their favourite treat, you’re 100% the ever-prepared mum of the group who is happy to hold friends’ hair back at parties (you know, when required). 

Thanks for driving us home. 

5. Flying saucers

Did someone say ‘kerazzzyyyyy’? You have blue hair and a coffee mug at work that says something along the lines of, ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here, but I am.’

Your most-used emoji is that one with the terrifying eyes and tongue. You’re the life and soul of the office party. It’s possible we’ve got this wrong and you’re actually an alien who misses home. 

6. Shrimps

This is your favourite sweet? Prawns? You’re a grade-A prankster with a love of extreme sports who gravitates towards replies on articles online purely because it’s the most controversial bit. 

Sorry, no-one loves sweets that are modelled on seafood.

7. Cola cubes

You’re my granddad.

8. Sour cherries

You’re a sophisticated connoisseur with classy taste. People cheer when you walk into a room. Or smile. Or just nod approvingly. 

9. Mint humbugs

You’re a hard shell with a soft centre; nobody actually knows the real you. Because you’re worried they wouldn’t accept what you really are: a cute little squashy toffee. 

It’s time to get rid of the façade and start living your truth. 

Next time you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, choose Fruittella. Its 30% less sugar range is made with even more fruit juice to deliver the same delicious taste.