Healthy vegan batch recipes to make now and eat all week

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Once upon a time, vegan cuisine might have conjured up something in your mind along the lines of a rather sad person chewing morosely on a limp lettuce leaf.

Get with the programme, people. We’re living in a time of vegan fried chicken shops, for crying out loud. There’s a tonne of plant-based deliciousness out there, from breakfast through to dinner, so we sought out some of the tastiest-looking batch recipes.

Taking in veggie chilli, spicy pasties, breakfast bars, pizza, wraps and more, here’s our pick of the cook-once-eat-all-week dishes to save you time, whether you’re newly converted or a seasoned vegan looking for some inspiration.

Happy (non-animal) eating.

  • Maple-Roasted Parsnip and Celeriac Soup

    Blog Wallflower Kitchen recommends topping this slightly sweet veggie soup with vegan ‘Parmesan’ to bring the flavours together. Find the recipe here.

  • Turkish Pizza

    This serves six as one meal, or serves you as a great batch cook. Taken from cookbook Vegan Love Stories by Swiss restaurants Tibits and Hiltl, this pizza uses soy mince and sambal oelek. Find the recipe here.

  • Chickpea Falafel Wrap

    Batch this gorgeous recipe by Margie Broadhead by cooking up the chickpea falafel ahead of time, sticking it in the fridge and simply assembling as and when you need. Find the recipe here.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Energy Bars

    These cashew-based bars from vegan food blog Oh She Glows are probably fine to keep for a few days as is, but will also freeze well. American measurements, so check conversion. Find the recipe here.

  • Chilli con Veggie

    This is from Bruno Loubet’s veg-friendly restaurant Grain Store in London. It’s got a long ingredients list, but a simple method (hint: whizz it up, chuck it in). The optional sour cream is a no-brainer, but remember to skip the Worcestershire Sauce too as it contains anchovies. Find the recipe here.

  • 10-Minute Bean and Aubergine Casserole

    A quick one for those even more pushed for time, this aubergine casserole is from Lauren Caris Cooks and takes 10 minutes to make. Change your sides throughout the week with mash, roast potatoes and rice, or pop it in a wrap with some salad. Find the recipe here.

  • Pumpkin and Oat Breakfast Bars

    Nirvana Cakery’s recipe combines pumpkin with dates, coconut and several warming spices (such as cardamom, cinnamon and ginger) for an easy breakfast option or snack. Find the recipe here.

    If you’re struggling to find pumpkin, you could always opt for a no-bake granola bar recipe, such as this one.

  • Vegetable Pasties

    OK, website One Green Planet calls them ‘hand pies’ but we’re calling them pasties. This recipe only makes two pasties – double or triple it for meals to last the week. You’ll need vegan butter or margarine for the pastry (and remember that conversion chart). Find the recipe here.

  • Shepherd's Pie

    A rich pie topped with sweet potato and crunchy breadcrumbs, this from Jamie Oliver is a great meat- and dairy-free take on the original. Find the recipe here.


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