Vegan Londoners are being treated to a meat-free burger bar next month

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Amy Swales
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We Londoners undoubtedly have a great time of it when it comes to food and drink, with a wealth of restaurants, bars, cafes, markets and street eats in the city to sate our appetites on any given evening.

Yes, you may well have a house with actual bedrooms and a garden, and may not spend a good chunk of your day pass-agging strangers who don’t take their backpacks off on the tube, but we’ve got a floating gin island, a hot air balloon bar, a pizza playground, a gin hotel, a mobile limoncello lounge and a bus full of cheese.

And now, after vegan Londoners were blessed with a chicken-free fried chicken shop, friends to the animals have another option to add to their list of fast-food eateries: a burger bar. A burger bar, that is, without a patty of meat in sight.

On 1 July, VBurger will open in Camden Market offering a simple menu of plant-based options, such as beetroot, falafel or seitan schnitzel burgers, topped with avocado or vegan cheese, accompanied by skin-on fries, sweet potato wedges or coleslaw salad – plus a vegan brownie for pud.

The co-founders, Reuven Cohen and Amir Wayman, say that while there are vegan options in London, they wanted to open a convenient, grab-a-burger type of experience, and hope to add another five varieties to the menu in the future.

Judging by the luscious pictures and the fact that there are more people than ever experimenting with their diets, another meat-free paradise is sure to be welcomed by the city’s vegan populace.

(Not that only strict vegans can visit of course – as far as we know, there’s no door policy of turning away those who simply appreciate delicious, delicious plants on a part-time basis.)

The restaurant will be open seven days a week, from 10am to 7pm.

Images: VBurger


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