10 delicious vegan recipes, from carbonara pasta to lemon meringue pie

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Stuck for vegan cooking inspiration? Give these easy plant-based recipes a try.

Whether you’re a lifelong vegan, new to a plant-based diet or just want to cut back on meat and dairy, we all occasionally find ourselves running low on dinner inspiration. Particularly during lockdown, as we prepare to make what feels like our 200th meal of the week at home, it’s understandable that we sometimes feel like we just don’t know what to eat.

Fortunately, Stylist has published lots of vegan dinner and dessert recipes over the years – and below, we’ve pulled them all together into one handy round-up. In the market for comfort food? Try the vegan mushroom and leek pie, or the meat-free twist on classic pasta carbonara with tofu and quinoa bacon.

If you fancy something with heat and warmth, go for the coconut tofu saag vegan curry recipe or the spicy Sichuan dan dan noodles. And for dessert, vegan baking doesn’t have to be dull – especially not if you follow our decadent egg-free lemon meringue pie recipe.

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  • Mushroom & leek pie recipe

    The creamy mushrooms and leeks in this pie make a deliciously rich filling for the crispy, golden crust. You’ll need to put in some extra time for this one, but the payoff will be great – guaranteed. 

  • Coconut tofu saag with charred broccoli recipe

    This traditional Indian dish has been veganised with pan fried, crispy tofu instead of cheese cubes and coconut milk in the place of heavy cream. A perfect go-to recipe if you want to get lots of veggies in without sacrificing on flavour.

  • Easy one-pot vegan Sicilian couscous recipe

    A succulent and fresh recipe made with pearl couscous, which is larger than regular couscous, giving it more flavour and texture – made especially delicious in this Sicilian-spiced dish made with chickpeas, olives, and an assortment of veg. 

  • Simple vegan creamy mushroom pasta recipe

    Creating creamy sauces can be tricky when milk, butter and double cream are off limits but this delicious plant-based mushroom pasta is a healthy, delicious twist on traditional cream-based alfredos.

  • Vegan pasta carbonara recipe with tofu and quinoa bacon recipe

    Made with eggs, guanciale (similar to our bacon) and a lot of parmesan or pecorino cheese, the traditional pasta carbonara is probably one of the least vegan-friendly dishes out there. But this recipe uses quinoa to create plant-based bacon and blends up creamy tofu to make the sauce. Who says pasta carbonara can’t be enjoyed by everyone?

  • Easy vegan tofu rolls with satay sauce recipe

    These mouth-watering rolls are fresh, filling and packed with sweet and savoury flavours. Bonus points: they are ready to eat in less than 30 minutes, making it the perfect lunch idea for those who like spending more time eating than cooking. 

  • Spicy Sichuan dan dan noodle recipe

    Ken Hom’s Vegan-friendly Sichuan Dan-Dan Noodles

    This meat-free version of a popular, peanut-heavy Sichuan dish is easy to try out at home. Dan dan noodles are traditionally served up in smaller portions, after a meal – but can be transformed into a main dish too.

  • Korean-style bibimbap bowl recipe

    Bibimbap is one of the most beloved dishes in Korean cuisine, and for good reason: it’s delicious, packed with healthy goodies and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes.

  • Ultimate vegan lemon ‘meringue’ pie recipe

    This recipe is a real crowd-pleaser, a lemon meringue pie with a vegan twist (aquafaba, or chickpea water, makes a brilliant egg-free meringue). Want to make it extra yellow? Just add turmeric. 

  • Healthy vegan date, coconut and chocolate balls recipe

    Give cookies a break with these delicious vegan balls. Dates are made even more delicious by chocolate, just don’t forget to sprinkle some coconut on top to achieve a crunchy texture. 

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