The 10 vegan restaurants in London you need to try right now

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Alessia Armenise

November is vegan month, the perfect excuse to try some of the best plant-based restaurants in London…

The vegan revolution has completely captured Londoners and more and more plant-based restaurants, pubs and cafes are flourishing in every part of the city. If East London is still the hub of London’s vegan haunts, South of the river is quickly following with new openings popping up every other week.

Whatever you are searching for: the best vegan curry in London, the most delicious plant-based afternoon teas or you simply want to find out how it really is to live like a vegan – we have got you covered. Here is guide to the must-try plant-based restaurants in London.  

Best vegan English breakfast

The Black Cat Café

An independent, cooperatively run, vegan cafe in Hackney – the Black Cat Café is the place your vegan journey should start.

All the delicious plant-based food made from scratch is served in a cosy and familiar atmosphere from sunrise to sundown, but the star of the show must be their ‘Fry-up’ – a mouth-watering plant-based version of a full English breakfast, with a pancake on top. Plus, they have killer merch to buy while sipping on a delicious milk-free milkshake.

Discover here: The Black Cat Café

Best vegan ‘fish’ and chips

Sutton And Sons

Meat substitutes are now mainstream in the vegan food world, yet satisfying your fish cravings can still be tricky. For East Londoners though, the fish-free days are over.

Fish and chips chain Sutton and Sons are riding the wave of plant-based alternatives and have opened the first completely vegan chippy in London. The range goes from the classic ‘fish’ made of banana blossom to ‘scampi’, ‘prawns’ and even ‘chicken’ and vegan sausages. That’s your next hangover sorted.

Discover here: Sutton And Sons

Best vegan pizza


Even if pizza dough is in theory vegan – don’t trust anybody who puts eggs in it – it turns out to be incredibly difficult to find a good vegan pizza in London. If, until last year, your best option was a cheese-less Margherita, Purezza has arrived to rock your vegan world.

Everything is plant based in this pizzeria: Dough balls full of delicious (homemade) ‘cheese’, pizzas of every variety and taste, full of stringy ‘mozzarella’ a load of delicious desserts to choose from. The time of salads are long gone, long live the carbs.

Discover here: Purezza

Best vegan pub

The Spread Eagle

It was about time for London to have a fully vegan pub and The Spread Eagle doesn’t disappoint. The food offering is headed up by Meriel Armitage from Club Mexicana, without a doubt one of the best vegan street food trucks around.

The menu features a delicious mixture of dishes from Mexico and California, from tacos with ‘chorizo’, deep fried cheeze and the classic ‘chicken’ burger. A delicious guilty pleasure to enjoy with a cold beer.

Discover here: The Spread Eagle

Best vegan afternoon tea

Café Forty One

Definitely one of the best vegan afternoon teas in London, Café Forty One at La Suite West is the first fully vegan restaurant to be part of a London Hotel.

Headed by French patisserie chef Clarisse Flon, the vegan afternoon-tea features delicious sandwiches, incredibly tasty cakes and traditional scones complete with plant-based clotted cream made from scratch and vegan honey. While you are there, don’t forget to ask for some ‘vegan’ bubbles.

Discover here: Café Forty One

Best vegan brunch


A promoter of a healthy lifestyle since day one, brunching at Farmacy is absolutely delicious and completely guilt-free.

The classic avocado toast, a special ‘protein’ omelette, chocolate chip waffles and truffle potato rosti – all washed down with hot chocolate, a matcha latte or the more unusual adaptogenic latte, made of coconut milk, maca, vanilla protein powder and a series of other ingredients that you definitely don’t have in your pantry. Next time someone asks where you get your protein from, you’ll know the answer.

Discover here: Farmacy

Best vegan burger

The Vurger Co.

If you think that burger means a big piece of half-cooked minced beef, think again. From beans, to soy and seitan, the world of burgers has changed quite a lot in the last few years.

If you renounced meat but you still crave a juicy burger once in a while, you owe yourself a visit to The Vurger Co. Their signature Auburger – made from aubergines like the name suggests – will make you rethink your traditional idea of this junk food classic.

Discover here: The Vurger Co.

Best vegan fried chicken

Temple of Seitan

A real institution in London’s vegan junk food scene, Temple of Seitan is the guilty (and greasy) pleasure that you didn’t know you needed.

Juicy chicken burgers, hyper-creamy mac n’ cheese and a delicious vegan gravy to go with it all. This is the place to indulge in a calories spree and to show your friends that vegan food does not (always) involve kale.

Discover here: Temple of Seitan

Best vegan curry


Probably one of Britain’s finest (and favourites) foods, a good vegan curry is always the best idea on a chilly autumn night – either if you try one of the many vegan curry recipes at home or you choose a cosy dinner out.

If you are on the hunt for the best vegan curry in London, look no further than Soho. Mildred’s fragrant and filling Sri Lankan curry is the ultimate comfort food, perfect to satisfy your autumnal vegan cravings.

Discover here: Mildred’s

Best vegan roast

Coach and Horses 

The God of English comfort food, a nice and heartwarming Sunday roast on a foggy London afternoon is too good to be missed.

Coach and Horses - the first London pub to go vegetarian and vegan - has a lot to offer on a weekend. Roasted and stuffed butternut squash or sweet potato and spinach bake served with the most traditional toppings and complete of vegan gravy. Whichever you choose, don’t forget a Bloody Mary to go with it.

Discover here: Coach and Horses 


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