Forget sugar: this is the best way to enhance the flavour of your cup of coffee

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Hayley Spencer
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Adding sugar is considered sacrilege by many coffee buffs, as it suppresses the beverage’s subtler flavours.

However there is another supplement out there which is getting plenty of endorsement from coffee fans: salt.

That’s right, salt can enhance the natural flavours of your daily cup and improve the taste.

A study from the journal Nature showed that sodium ions can suppress the bitterness in coffee. 

While the perfect cup is slightly bitter in a good way, if the beans have been scalded then your coffee can turn sour – just like if you burnt your toast. But if you’ve got a pinch of salt to hand then you can save a less-than satisfactory cup, or just one that’s a little too bitter for your liking.

The sodium will enhance the natural flavours and make it taste smoother.

It’s also a great way to take the edge off if you’ve run out of milk.

Food blog VinePair explains: “Simply adding a pinch [of salt to your cup of coffee], whether to cup or grounds, will take the edge off.

It warns: “Anything more than a pinch and you’ll be salivating at the saltiness of your now-worse coffee.”

Time to start popping a few sachets of salt in your bag.

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