The clever gadget set to change the way we drink wine

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You only want one or two glasses of wine, but now you’ve opened the bottle and it won’t be long before the rest will taste pretty foul. What to do?

It’s a conundrum we don’t have often, admittedly (have you met us?), but it’s definitely frustrating to have to throw away a half-bottle or stand it by the hob like you might one day use it for cooking (spoiler: you won’t).

According to a recent survey, the average UK household chucks two glasses of wine a week down the sink, which is frankly quite upsetting.

But those days – those sad, sad days – may be over as a new gadget promises to keep wine tasting “perfectly fresh” for nearly two weeks.

Once you open a bottle, air mixes with the wine and starts to oxidise, changing the taste.

Experts have told us time and time again that most standard wines will last a couple of days max once opened, while wines made using a more natural approach might last up to five.

However Eto, a patented decanter with an airtight seal, promises to keep red, white and rosé wine tasting as good as day one for up to 12 days.

A team from Bangor University, Wales, tested the product against a wine pump, an inert gas system and a bottle with its cork replaced, and found it beat them all for the amount of oxygen allowed into the wine.

Professor Bela Paiz from Bangor University described the results as “indisputable”, while the creators say they also conducted “extensive blind taste tests with wine industry experts”.

The user decants their whole bottle of wine into Eto and once finished with it, pushes down the funnel neck to form a complete seal preventing any further contact with oxygen. The decanter can then be stored in a cool, dry place or in a fridge door.

Tom Cotton, the Welsh product designer behind it, says Eto means ‘again’ in Welsh. The product is being funded on Kickstarter, and given it reached its £55,000 goal less than 32 hours after the page went live (at time of writing hitting over £186,000), it’s fair to say it’s coming to the market. And that we all feel quite strongly about wine wastage.

The Kickstarter price (funders can back the project until midday 6 July) is £59 for the stainless version and £69 for the copper, while the retail price after that will start from £79.

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