This delivery service will change your working from home routine

While working from home gives us flexibility in many ways, it can often feel like we’re working longer hours at makeshift desks with less time to keep on top of daily routines. Thankfully, there’s a delivery service here to help…

We don’t need to tell you that a lot has changed recently. But the biggest change for many of us has come with working from home.

Sure, there are benefits to it - hair mask in the middle of the day, anyone?

But there are also pitfalls, like many of us working straight through lunch or having back to back video calls that leave our brains on the mushier side.

On those days, we crave convenience. Which is where Ocado Zoom comes in. The perfect solution to your time-poor woes, the West London delivery service (look out for them coming to your area) means you can have groceries delivered to your door (in environmentally-friendly paper bags) without having to worry about booking slots in advance or schlepping to the corner shop for last minute ingredients. Added bonus: as all the ingredients are packed by robots, it’s also Covid conscious.

Here are four ways it will change your WFH routine…

1. You can regain time 

The reality of everybody knowing you’re at home and online is that last minute virtual meetings can often scupper your lunch plans - leaving you with 30-minutes less than you wanted.

To help you make the most of your time, Ocado Zoom delivers the makings of any lunch you fancy to your door in under 60-minutes meaning you can order ahead of your call and your lunch can be with you as soon as you hang up.

2. You’ll forget about bare cupboards 

We’ve all been there - you’ve found a recipe on Pinterest, have the main ingredients but missing something random like marjoram which you’re pretty sure you’ve literally never seen in your cupboards.

With over 10,000 items available on Ocado Zoom, finding that pesky missing ingredient is way easier and you don’t even have to leave the house or barely put a dent in your cooking time. So you’re free to take your dinner to the next level without the fuss.

Nigella, eat your heart out.

3. You can order without wincing 

Getting to the end of the day having spent most of it at the kitchen table on your laptop can often mean sometimes you just want dinner to arrive, ready to eat.

But with many of us in money saving mode, a takeaway can feel like an unjustified luxury on a Tuesday. With a section on site with meals for one or two, you can order in quality ready meals like Charlie Bingham’s salmon en croute as well as plenty of vegan options that just need to be popped into the oven, on your fork in 10.

And as Ocado Zoom’s minimum spend is considerably lower than any other online groceries at just £15 (plus a delivery fee from £1.99) you can get a meal delivered that’s cheaper (and better for you) than your usual takeaway while also topping up on essentials for the next day without your Emma app telling you off for going over your food budget. If you’re still looking for an excuse, Stylist readers get 20% off their first order with code STYLIST.

4. You can embrace last minute plans 

Impromptu meet-ups with friends is one of the best things about our reduced social diaries, whether it’s a last-minute picnic in the park or someone just popping over after work.

But it does mean our household wine reserves have dropped pretty rapidly - something Ocado Zoom has created an entire section for, including your favourite bottle of fizz and even pre-mixed drinks or mixers for your spirits.

Better yet, your tipple of choice is delivered chilled to your door and ready to sip. Is there a better end to the working week than a cool rose with a pal?

Ocado Zoom currently delivers to Ealing, Acton, Chiswick, Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith, Kew and West Kensington.

Check if they deliver to your postcode here and get 20% off your first shop with code STYLIST.