An epic ‘Yorkshire pudding pizza’ now exists – and we want one, now

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Yorkshire folk have three undeniable talents that are particularly unique to them: firstly, they’re incredibly friendly (we doubt they’d last two minutes on the tube with their kind words, warm banter and well-meaning advice). Secondly, they’re skilled in the art of tea making to high degree, with an imprinted knowledge from birth of the right shade and sweetness.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, they’ve created some seriously applause-worthy food – and we’re talking, in particular, about the Yorkshire pudding.

Doughy, squidgy and impossibly moreish, Yorkshire puddings are the perfect addition to any meal. It is obviously a staple of a Sunday roast, but equally at home in the dessert course (drizzle it with golden syrup or honey if you don’t believe us, we dare you).

And now, at long last, the world has been gifted an outrageous Yorkshire pudding pizza.

Oh yes.

Rebels’ Smokehouse – in Beverley, East Yorkshire – have fused the shape and base of a Yorkshire pudding with the sheer joy of pizza toppings, resulting in a mouth-watering pudding-y pizza hybrid.

You might be finding it difficult to visualise what form such a thing would take, so let us describe it for you, in all its melted, stringy cheesed glory. Starting with a soft and spongey Yorkshire pudding base, the chefs at Rebels’ Smokehouse add a sausage filling, with tomato sauce and a generous helping of melted cheese. All toppings are cooked upside down and separately from the Yorkshire pudding base, to keep them nice and crispy. And voila, there we have the ‘Yorkie Chicago Pot Pizza’.

Speaking to the Metro, owner of the restaurant, Sean Singer, said the creation came from the idea of nostalgia.

“I was working with co-owners Jason Rowe and Lucas Billingham to create a nostalgic menu when we came up with this,” he said.

“We were thinking of the Chicago town pizza - because we all ate these as a kid, more often than not in frozen form, when we decided to pair it with the Yorkshire pud.

"Of course, it was the natural progression as we're all from Yorkshire.”

He also said that the new addition to the menu was “going down a storm”, which from people’s reactions on social media, we can absolutely believe. 

One Twitter user shunned the idea of wasting time to get stuck in, asking, “Can someone make this for me NOW?!” while another called it a “game changer”.

Could this be the collaboration to bring together the people of Italy and Yorkshire? Is this the start of a new Yorkshire pudding based food trend? Will we ever recover from the carb-bloat after feasting on one of these monstrous concoctions? There are many questions, and we rather suspect that with this one, the proof is in the pudding, so watch this space.

And if you’re not local to Beverley, why not take a look at the diner’s Facebook video which shows some of the cooking techniques behind the Yorkshire pudding pizza and give it a go at home.

Images: Rebels’ Smokehouse Facebook / Rex



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