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11 of the most beautiful desk spaces on Pinterest

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Whether you work from home or in a busy office, Pinterest is filled with inspiring ideas for beautiful workspaces that will make you look forward to sitting down at your desk every day. From practical storage solutions to inspiring wall displays, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite workspace looks.

Create a pegboard of inspiration

If anyone is to blame for our current pegboard obsession, it’s Pinterest. Through our years of scrolling through home decorating boards we’ve learned that pegboards provide a stylish and practical solution for both display and storage in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, so of course it should come as no surprise that they look great in the office, too. Thankfully, they’re easy to get your hands on; IKEA recently launched a whole product range filled with beautifully sleek pegboards and storage accessories.

Make the most of a wall

If you happen to sit next to or in front of a wall, congratulations! You’ve hit the office desk jackpot. A bit of wall space is perfect for displaying your favourite pictures or magazine cuttings, perhaps using patterned washi tape or bulldog clips mounted with Blu Tack (as in the image below). And, of course, you’ll also have ample space for the aforementioned pegboard.

Stack crates for extra storage

If you crave more shelf space, stacked wooden crates are the perfect stylish and also temporary solution - no hammer or nails required. Use your new rustic storage display to show off a few plants or your favourite knick-knacks.

Window workspace

Another office jackpot? Sitting by a window. Not only do you benefit from working while enjoying a bit of daylight, you also have a prime spot for creating a beautiful plant display. And when it’s raining outside, you might actually feel grateful that you’re stuck at your desk.

A pop of colour

Office furniture doesn’t have to be industrial grey or standard-issue veneer - there is another option, especially if you’re lucky enough to work from home or have a say in the furniture choices at your office. From now on, we’ll be coveting this beautiful mint green drawer unit and coordinating orange chair, and thinking that working in this colourful space would drastically improve our day.

Tiny home office

Think you don’t have room for a home office? Think again. In this cleverly designed space, a deep shelf and two wall brackets have been used to create the smallest of desks in the corner of a bedroom. Just pull up a chair, grab your laptop and you’re good to go.

The minimalist look

When you think about it, most of us don’t really need multiple magazine files, paper trays, and endless mugs of pens on our desks - especially since these days, we often do our work almost entirely on a computer. If a chaotic, unorganised workspace is starting to add more stress to your working day, it’s definitely time to let that clutter go and embrace the minimalist look.

The maximalist look

You really do need all that stuff? OK. Let us introduce you to the maximalist alternative: the trick here is that all of the piles of papers, notebooks and pens are surrounded by colourful wall displays and beautiful items, so the person who sits here isn’t just looking at invoices and paperwork all day long.

Try a wire wall grid

Another Pinterest-worthy display option is a wire wall grid, AKA a place where you can peg photos, postcards and notes. In the picture below, blogger Kate La Vie has even used her mesh memo board (from Block Design) and brass foldback clips to create a desk light from an on-trend pendant cord bulb.

Add some plants

If there’s anything that’s sure to add some life and colour to your desk, it’s a beautiful selection of plants. Try a mix of succulents, cacti and trailing ivy for the ultimate boho workspace, better air quality, and the enjoyment of feeling closer to nature during the working day.

Stick to a monochrome colour palette

If you want to create a space where you can really focus on work, a monochrome colour palette might be the way to go. Stick to just a few carefully curated accessories in black and white for the ultimate streamlined desktop, and settle in for a stretch of hard work with no colourful distractions.

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