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April sees a legendary fairy tale adapted for the big screen, with the release of Red Riding Hood - and Stylist has been given an exciting insight into the film's costume and production design.

Warner Brothers have created a fantastic sneak peak in to the world of Red Riding Hood with a new behind-the-scenes website, in which director Catherine Hardwicke (of Twilight fame) comments on the production and set images from the new take on the classic fairytale.

Starring the doe-eyed Amanda Seyfried as Valerie, the film version of the Little Red Riding Hood legend takes place in a medieval village, haunted by a werewolf. But aside from the torrid love triangle and frighting synopsis, it's the stunning visuals and costumes in Red Riding Hood that have us captivated.

Take a look at the costume and set sketches - along with Catherine's comments - below.

The red hooded cape

Catherine says:

"This is an illustration that Dean Shrieff did. We had the idea of taking this to the top of a glacier and having this amazing long cape flowing down in the snow."

The costume

Catherine says:

"These are some of our earlier sketches of the red cape. We were looking at different designs - how much texture should be in the cape, how it should flow, and how it should drape."

The blue dress

Catherine says:

"This is our light blue look for Amanda that she wears most of the movie. Her character is from a poor family, peasants, so we had to create a dress that was really form fitting and flattering but also had some flexibility."

The Red Riding Hood set

Catherine says:

"This is Valerie walking up to Grandmother's house."

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