Little ways we cheat on our partners without realising, according to Reddit

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What do you count as cheating?

If you’ve ever had this discussion with your mates, you’ll know that, due to the subjective nature of this question, it’s not an easy one to answer – especially when a bottle of wine is involved.

To some people, a peck on the lips means nothing. To others, watching their partner take a sideways glance at an attractive passer-by cuts as deep as a knife.

More often than not, a person’s opinion on what’s classed as foul play comes down to their experience. If you’ve had your heart broken before, it’s unlikely you’ll see that flirty text on your partner’s phone as a bit of harmless fun.

Or, if you know you can be a bit cheeky yourself, you may be inclined to take a more liberal approach.

But when you find yourself in a deeply committed relationship, is it fair to say you expect more from your loved one? Can doing something as innocent as, say, catching up on Game Of Thrones without you can feel like an act of betrayal?

For some Reddit users, the answer is a resounding ‘hell yes’.

Forum user DaxAntrax probed fellow Reddit enthusiasts to admit what “least cheating-like thing you consider cheating in a relationship?”.

The answers that followed were seriously eclectic – making for a great online debate. How many of these ‘betrayals’ you agree with?


1) The phone fanatic

Look, we get it, we’re all addicted to our mobile phones. But hands up who’s ever shared LostParader’s problem of being on the wrong side of the screen?

They admitted that they hate it when they date someone who spends “all day on their phone when we are together and then doesn’t want to text me when we’re apart because they ‘don't want to be chained to their phone’.”

2) The selfish snacker

It’s safe to say food in all forms is very close to our hearts, so we totally understand where Sermna is coming from with this relationship irk.

“I hate it when my partner stops to pick up food for themselves and not me,” they complain.

“You knew I was home!”

Not cool, people. Remember, music isn’t the food of love, actual food is. 

3) Feline betrayed

Anyone who has a pet will be guilty of this one.

“Whenever my GF comes home, she says, ‘Oh, I'm so happy to see you!’, and then runs over to cat while ignoring me until the cat gets tired of her s**t,” says redditor Omegan107.

4) The sneaky series binge watcher

A well-established rule in many relationships is the promise to only ever watch a chosen show together. As Portarossa admits, if broken, the consequences are painfully felt.

“It’s cheating if you lie about watching a TV show because you couldn't wait, and then don’t react as extremely as you would if you were watching it for the first time,” they say.

5) The gobbler of leftovers

There’s nothing more frustrating then planning to eat up last night’s leftovers, psyching yourself up for them, and then finding that they’ve mysteriously disappeared…

As Kimmiro puts it: “Don’t eat the last piece of cold pizza. Or worse, don’t say that you don't like the pizza and then eat the ‘disgusting’ pizza in the middle of the night because you’re too lazy and hungry to find something else. Because I liked the pizza, and now it’s gone, and I don’t get to have any of it.”


6) The last minute cancellation

For Reddit user Girrafarig, plans don’t have to be big for them to mean something,

“Making plans to do tiny insignificant things (like get ice cream or watch a movie) with me for when I get off work and then cancelling to do something that you consider more fun with your friends is annoying,” they say.

7) The treat cheater

For some, cheating with treats still counts. If you and your other half share a love for a particular delicacy and they go on an indulging spree without you, feelings will be hurt. Reddit user Cadmium48 puts it simply by saying: “Eating donuts without me? I don't know how I would react...”

8) The dinner spoiler

We all know better than to ruin our appetite with a sneaky snack – and, if you’re the one cooking up a special meal, it can feel like a real kick in the teeth if your other half does exactly that.

Chinstrap_1 insists it’s the ultimate betrayal “when I make food and I catch her eating chocolate covered almonds before dinner”.

9) The one who’s choosy about recommendations

One Reddit user has pointed out that they really, really hate it when a partner “takes part in something that someone recommended, even though I recommended first and they never bothered.”

"So Jean said Game of Thrones is really good. I think I'll start watching it now!"

F**k you, Jean.

10) The dream cheater

As in, yes, someone who cheats on you in your own subconscious.

“An ex caught me cheating in her dream,” admitted LordBowler423. “She woke me up at 3am to argue with me. This is no joke.”

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