We might finally have a release date for the redhead emojis

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Calling all redheads: this is your moment.

After years of hard work campaigning and petitioning Apple for a redheaded emoji, it seems the company might finally be listening, with a tentative release date now set for the launch of a pair of ginger-haired male and female emojis.

That’s right, guys: we could see the little flame-haired characters popping up on our emoji keyboards as early as next June.

The news comes courtesy of the Emoji Subcommittee of the Unicode Consortium, the organisation in charge of the world’s emojis, with one Consortium member saying that redheaded emojis were the most requested addition to the keyboard last year.

“Redheads have been a highly requested addition,” Jeremy Burge, who also founded emoji website Emojipedia, told Today.

Some of the new emoji set for release this year

Some of the new emoji set for release this year

Explaining why it’s taken so long for the redheaded emoji to appear, Burge said the Consortium needed to first narrow down a number of details.

“The implementation raises questions like which emojis should be able to have red hair, and if red hair is added, what about other hair colors or styles?” he said.

“The current approach is to use a flexible system, which could allow any emoji to be given red hair, although no recommendations have yet been made on which emojis should be given a red hair option.”

This is how the new redheaded emojis could look

This is how the new redheaded emojis could look

Burge has submitted a proposal for how the ginger emojis could look (above) and he added that, in the past, “the majority of emoji candidates have been approved.”

Brilliantly, his proposal also included a whole host of other hair types, including a curly haired emoji, a white haired emoji and even a bald emoji.


We could also be getting a curly hair emoji

We could also be getting a curly hair emoji

Burge said that the “proposed entries for red hair, curly hair, white hair and baldness do appear to cover the majority of requests” while adding that there would be possibility for more unusual hair colours to be added further down the line.

Unicorn hair emoji, anyone? We’ll get started on the petition…

Images: Emojipedia


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