Remarkable Goodie Bags

Remarkable Women Awards: see inside the winners’ goody bags

Each of our winners received this incredible goody bag in recognition of their achievements.

Antler Suitcase

Antler / £164

Clifton Cabin Bag

Ponder Lily Planner

Ponderlily / £28

2020 Weekly Planner

Miller Harris Body Wash

Miller Harris / £20

Scherzo Body Wash

Gorongosa Coffee

Gorongosa Coffee / £9.50

Girls Run the World

Ideal Charging Pad

Ideal of Sweden / £44.99

Fashion QI Charger

Penhaligon Matches

Penhaligon's / £10

Portraits Collection Matches

Penhaligons Salon D Alexandria Candle

Penhaligon's / £48

Salon D'Alexandria

Stoke Cup

STTOKE / £30

Ceramic reusable cup

Lancaster SPF

Lancaster / £32

Sun Beauty Velvet Milk

Miller Harries Hand Cream

Miller Harris / £18

Scherzo Hand Cream

Rachel Jackkson London

Rachel Jackson / £120

Amulet Necklace

Fortnum Mason Truffles

Fortnum & Mason / £39.95

Chocolate Caramels Selection Box

Tovi Sorga Bracelet

Tovi Sorga / £80

Contactless Payment Bracelet




The Ivy

The Ivy Club


Diptyque Broach

Diptyque / £84

Fleur de Peau Perfumed Brooch


GHD / £199

Rose Gold Gift Set

Barrecore Unlimited Classes

Barrecore / £300

Class Voucher

Slip Eye Mask

Slipsilk / £40

Sleep Mask

Anatome Travel Set

anatomē / £85

a+ Travel Jet Set

Stackers Case

Stackers / £30

Round Travel Jewellery Box

Chantecaille Palette

Chantecaille / £48

Luminescent Eye Shade

Purity Cleanser

philosophy / £30

Made Simple Cleanser

Floral Street Candle

Floral Street / £28

Lipstick Candle

Philosophy Water Cream

philosophy / £35.50

Renewed Hope In A Jar Water Cream

coffee dripper

Hario Coffee Equipment / £35

V60 Ceramic Dripper

Swell Cocktail Kit

Swell / £80

Teakwood Cocktail Kit

Rothys Voucher



Claus Porto Soaps

Claus Porto / £40


Astley Clarke Earrings

Astley Clarke / £150

Vera Pearl Drop

Philosophy Cannabis Oil

philosophy / £28

Hemp-derived Oil

Philosophy Jojoba Warming Exfoliator

philosophy / £28

Gentle Warming Exfoliator with Jojoba

Teatulia Tea

Teatulia / £12.95


London Grace

London Grace


Ideal of Sweden Fashion Charger

Ideal of Sweden / £29.99

Fashion Cable