5 questions we want answered in 'Riviera' season 2

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The new trailer for the ultra-glam drama series has just dropped – here’s everything we need to know immediately…

True crime is great. Marathon documentaries are gripping. But sometimes, what you want from your box-set binge session is some good old-fashioned escapism. 

Enter Riviera, an absolute haven of glamorous, sun-drenched drama.

If you’ve never seen it before, the show follows art buyer Georgina Clios (Julia Stiles), who finds herself caught up in the sinister scheming of the French Riviera’s super-rich when her billionaire husband is murdered.

Having seen Georgina make the journey from grieving wife to full-blown anti-hero, the first season left us on a major cliffhanger. Now we have a new trailer for the second season, it’s time to get some answers.

Prepare for first season SPOILERS as we run down the five burning questions we have ahead of season two…

1. Will Georgina get away with murder?

Riviera’s first season ended in explosive fashion as Georgina stabbed and killed her eldest stepson, the uber-creepy Adam.

It came as a massive shock to viewers, given that Georgina’s hands had stayed (moderately) clean in a world riddled with decidedly dodgy characters. Not any more, though.

As it stands, nobody else knows what went down, but you can bet your life Adam’s dragonish mother Irina (the magnificent Lena Olin) isn’t going to rest until she gets to the bottom of her son’s disappearance.

And then there’s Georgina’s conscience to consider. Given she’s not exactly a hardened killer, will her guilt eventually get the better of her?

2. Will Adriana ever find some stability?

Poor old Adriana. The youngest member of the Clios clan spent most of season one battling with self-harm and struggling to find her place in the family.

So, will season two see her stabilise a little? If the trailer is anything to go by, it seems doubtful.

On the one hand, we know she’s going to get a new love interest. On the other, said relationship is being described as “a dangerous affair”.

Probably going to end in tears, isn’t it? Maybe ours.

Not only that, but the teaser also shows her drifting into the circle of a new family, whose intentions might not be entirely innocent…

3. How will Poppy Delevingne shake things up?

The biggest news surrounding season two is the arrival of a new family of moneyed British socialites featuring none other than Poppy Delevingne.

She’ll star as the glamorous Daphne Eltham, who arrives in the south of France alongside Jack Fox and Juliet Stevenson (playing her brother Nico and mother Lady Cassandra respectively).

Georgina describes the trio as “new friends” in the trailer, but it soon becomes clear that the Elthams are hiding some pretty dark secrets of their own. And it also appears they know there’s more to Georgina than meets the eye.

With a hell of a lot of game-playing going on, we wouldn’t put money on things staying amicable for too long.

4. Where has Georgina been shopping?

We’re calling it right now – Georgina Clios has the best wardrobe on television, and we can’t wait to see what she’s added to it for season two.

From dramatically oversized sunnies to chic pastel playsuits, Georgina’s outfit choices are a masterclass in more-is-more summer dressing.

Last time out, we saw her sporting pieces from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Chanel and Stella McCartney, and from the looks of the new trailer, she’s going to be every bit as glam this time out.

We’re particularly keen on the black and blue number she’s rocking in the final shot of the new trailer (although accessorising with a pistol is probably a bit much).

5. What’s the story with Georgina’s past?

While we know some bits and pieces about Georgina’s marriage with Constantine, her life before moving to the Riviera is a lot more hazy.

Put simply, we know next to nothing about it, but apparently that will all change with the introduction of another new arrival.

Gravel-voiced Arrested Development star Will Arnett will join the show as Georgina’s mysterious uncle Jeff, and it seems as though his presence is going to shake out a few secrets from our (anti) heroine’s old life.

The trailer also shows them both attending somebody’s funeral, although the body in that open casket remains tantalisingly out of sight.

Another death in the family? Georgina, this is becoming a habit.  

Riviera, a Sky Original production, returns to Sky Atlantic and Now TV with all episodes of season two available on 23 May. Season one is available to watch On Demand now.