The outfit Kate Middleton takes on every holiday probably isn’t what you think

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For us, packing our holiday wardrobe takes just as much time and planning as booking the actual holiday.

Weeks before our departure date you’ll find us agonising over which of our dearly-loved summer wardrobe pieces has made the cut into the carry-on case.

Of course, inevitably nothing gets decided on until the night before, when expectations (Clueless’s Cher’s utterly perfect outfit planner) take an undignified plummet and become reality (a floordrobe being frantically rummaged through by someone who’s possessed by the clothes-crazies). It truly is what memes are made of.


If you can relate, take a moment to think of the Duchess of Cambridge, whose packing requirements clearly surpass those of our own.

Being basically a princess, you can probably imagine that Middleton needs outfits to suit every eventuality when she goes on a royal trip abroad, and we can guess she gets a fair bit of help (and more hand luggage space than most, too).

But, there’s one rather sinister eventuality that she, and every other royal, is said to have to factor in every time she goes away.

The Sun reports that every member of the royal family must take a black outfit away with them every single time they leave the country.  

And why are they forced to abide by this dark dress code? No, it’s not because they – like the best of us – keep black as a fail-safe, fallback option. It’s apparently in case a member of the Royal family dies while they are away and they need to return to England in appropriate mourning dress.

Presumably to avoid the possibility of touching back down in the UK wearing something bright and sparkly (though we can’t imagine any of them wouldn’t have something deemed sombre enough by those in charge to wear anyway – they’re unlikely to be wearing our own flight combo of arrival-weather-inappropriate shorts and hoodie).

The rule isn’t without reason though, as The Indy reports, Queen Elizabeth II was caught short in 1952 when visiting Kenya, as while she was away her father died.

Her Royal Highness was in Africa with Prince Phillip when news reached her that King George VI had passed away. Despite flying back to the UK as soon as possible, the Queen was confined to the aircraft once landed until a black dress could be brought to her, as it was seen as unacceptable for her to be photographed in ‘inappropriate’ clothing.

Images: Rex Features

Note: The Royal Family at this point have not recently confirmed this news. 


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