The Royal Family's Christmas decorations are seriously impressive

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Emily Reynolds
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Serving Christmas decoration looks we could only dream of. 

What with all the ancestral privilege and wealth, it’s not a huge surprise that The Queen (or whoever it is that decorates her houses) has absolutely killed it with the Christmas decorations this year. 

I mean, just take a look at these trees:

Slightly more impressive than the wonky 3ft plastic ones in our flats.

The royal trees are 15ft high and decorated with tiny crowns.

Even the baubles are beautiful:

Others were decorated with the help of some creative children. 

According to the official video, the Christmas tree is a very royal tradition: the use of the tree in the UK was popularised in the 19th century by Queen Victoria, having been brought into the Royal Family the century before by Queen Charlotte. Queen Victoria also introduced the Christmas Day turkey to the UK,  and the sending of Christmas cards. 

So if you want that special regal Christmas look: have several houses that can accommodate 15 foot high trees and a team of people to decorate them for you. Or just buy some crown-shaped baubles for your cheap Argos tree. One of the two. 

(Image: Rex Features)