When is too soon to say "I love you?"

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Jasmine Andersson
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The best phrases in life consist of three words. ‘Hold my hand.’ ‘Where are they?’ ‘Help me please.’ ‘Gird your loins’ – the list goeth on.

Yet in spite of all of the three word brilliance that makes our lives whole, we still exalt the phrase ‘I love you’ higher than any other.

Detonated at the right time, exchanging those three little words can change your life. But when they are uttered at the speed of light (generally under the influence of copious amount of gin) they can see all of our romantic dreams frittered away as carelessly as a refuse bag on bin collection day.

Yet in spite of the evident dangers, it appears that several contestants on Love Island have been willing to take that risk pretty darn early.

Whether it’s Gabby and Marcel, or Kem and Amber, these loving louts are having a whale of a time declaring their feelings – heaven forbid – BEFORE they’ve even committed to a relationship.

That’s when experts in capturing the mood of the nation YouGov stepped in, and decided to ask you, the general public, the million pound question: when did you tell your partner that you loved them?

Although there’s no definitive winner, the results are quite something. It appears that 3% of the 3947 people polled told their partner that they loved them within just a week of meeting them, with a further 13% declaring their true heart’s desires within a month.

The second-largest response saw 22% of pollsters say that they told their partner within three months, with another 14% playing it safe and waiting six months before telling them.

But the highest scorer of the bunch was a striking 27% who said that they didn’t know when they told their partner.

Romantic bunch, aren’t we?

But it doesn’t stop there. Another 6% said that they waited a year to pronounce their love, with another 2% waiting a whopping two years.

And although 3% of the sample might have dived head first into the declaration, another 3% said that they’d never told a romantic partner that they loved them.

And for the 7% who said that they had not yet experienced love, as Britain’s favourite trashy TV show indicates, it might be for the best.

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