Saying sorry with Spaghetti

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How do you apologise after a bitter row with your other half, best friend or family member? Skulk into the living room mumbling sorry, with maybe a cup of tea or biscuit as a peace offering?

Whatever your way of saying sorry, we bet this creative culinary apology will impress - it certainly put our post-argument attempts to shame.

Knowing the way to her boyfriend’s heart was through his stomach (and love of a steaming plate of pasta), a woman known as pretzelprincess on reddit spelt out her apology to him after an argument - in a series of delicious pasta puns using Alphabet Spaghetti. She then posted her work on reddit where they became an internet sensation.

We don’t know what the fight was about, (perhaps it was over what to have for dinner?) but looking at the very sweet pictures of this grand gesture we were ready to forgive the pretzelprincess, and wanted to welcome her into our open arms to make tasty pasta puns together. Scroll down to see her heartfelt pasta apology below, and you might also learn some new names for our favourite starchy dish (we were ignorant of Mafalde before today).

Images via imgur/reddit

We're sending this round to our nearest and dearest for hints on how to make it up to us in the future - but we'd like our apologies written in M&Ms, thank you very much.

Have you ever staged a dramatic apology? How have you won someone round after an argument? Share your stories in the comments below or on twitter @StylistMagazine.

Words: Lauren Smith