Meet Sebastian and Luna: two dogs with a love that is real and true

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Moya Crockett
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The world can sometimes feel like a pretty dark place, and in these trying times, it’s easy to feel as though indulging in anything a little bit silly is – well – slightly inappropriate. But we disagree. While it’s vitally important to stay engaged and keep informed with what’s going on in the world, sometimes we all need a bit of light relief – and that’s where Sebastian and Luna come in.

Sebastian and Luna are, respectively, a French bulldog and a Pomeranian. They are also madly in love (apparently), and something of an Instagram sensation, with 57,000 followers and counting. A recent photo of the two dogs’ “engagement”, taken under the cherry blossom in Washington D.C., scored over 2,500 likes in just two days.

Let’s take a moment to look at some photos of dogs in love, shall we?

Sebastian and Luna’s owner says that she rescued the former from a shelter in Ohio, and the latter from a home in Arizona. Apparently, the pair are like “an old married couple”.

“They don’t have much to worry about, except for themselves,” she tells Dogster. “Each day is new to them so they definitely never get sick of being together – they take each adventure day by day and always find something to smile about.”

Sebastian and Luna are also using their social media fame for good, and have already raised thousands of dollars for dog shelters near their home in Washington, D.C.

Their owner says that she hopes their photos “spread the concepts of pure love, companionship, and friendship that culminate in cynophilia [the love of dogs]”. A dog’s life, indeed.

You can see more of Sebastian and Luna’s pictures here.

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Moya Crockett

Moya is a freelance journalist and writer from London, and a former editor at Stylist.