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Alice Liveing is only 24, but she’s already the name behind three best-selling books, an Instagram account of over 600,000 followers and a personal training career that sees her work with clients that range from overseas royalty to everyday fitness buffs. All in all, a lifestyle that might make some of us envious – in a good way. A way that makes us aspire to follow in her footsteps. Precisely why we chose Alice to launch our Envy Sessions with Nissan Juke Envy – one-to-ones with inspiring women to discover how they made it to the top. Here she tells Stylist about her life mantras for success.

Small changes matter most

“It’s not about doing drastic things; it’s about making small, realistic changes that you’re able to stick to. So go for a 10-minute walk every lunchtime. Drink more water. Small things make a big difference in the long run. And it’s far easier to see your achievements.”

Envy can inspire you

“In the early days, admiration of other women doing what I wanted to do was a big player in making me dig deep and not fall off the wagon. I used their social media accounts to inspire me.” 

Track your progress

“It’s important to see how far you’ve come, and progress can be monitored in loads of different ways. For instance, when I started eating sensibly, I used social media as a way to track that. So instead of weighing myself, I said I’m going to have three good meals a day and, to make sure I do that, I’ll take a picture of each one.”

Be kind to yourself

“Sometimes the more pressure you put on yourself to succeed, the more difficult it is. It’s about finding a balance in your life. You need enough motivation to go to the gym but you also need to know when to rest.”

Routine works

“I have a really good morning routine: I get up, have a shower, a glass of water with lemon, take my probiotics and I pack my bag the night before. It seems like really menial stuff, but it means that my morning is a stress-free environment.”

The Nissan Juke Envy is the perfect car to turn heads

Everyone knows that being happy in yourself is the key to a fulfilling life. But even so, we’ve all been guilty of occasionally looking at someone else’s stellar career, covetable position in life, impeccable wardrobe or sleek car they drive and feeling slightly envious. But those feelings of envy are often the impetus we need to get a clear focus on our goals.

And the Nissan Juke Envy is a car to strive for. Its stylish design and striking colourway means that it will be admired wherever you drive it. Whereas its colour reversing camera, NissanConnect Touchscreen Navigation and Entertainment System, user-friendly i-key and start push button ensure that your driving experience will be smooth from start to finish.

So while the dream job and salary may be a few years’ hard work away, the ideal car could be closer than you think.

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