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When it comes to the movies, it can often seem as if women disappear from the screen from the ages of 40 to 65 – as if life is most dramatic when you’re young and discovering the world, or old and facing up to death.

Since the stories of those middle decades go largely untold, the release of excellent comedy I Got Life! is very welcome indeed, redressing the imbalance with a story about middle-age that’s as funny as it is moving.

The second film from actor-turned-director Blanding Lenoir, I Got Life! is a celebration of being a woman, facing the rough times, embracing the good times and doing it all your own way.

The film centres on Aurore (Agnès Jaoui, star of comedy hit The Taste Of Others), a 50-year-old woman who’s entered the menopause. Her pregnant eldest daughter is about to make her a grandmother and yet Aurore still feels young and has lost none of her interest in sex, partying and her career. But, she wonders, is this it? Is she now turning into an old lady?

In a film that takes a hilarious, heartwarming and ultimately life-affirming look at middle-age, the answer is an emphatic no. After the return of an old flame, some bad behaviour with her incorrigible best friend and a fair few embarrassing scrapes, Aurore learns that life is only over when you decide to give up. And there’s no way she’s giving up yet.

Although its lead is a woman in her 50s, I Got Life! is about all stages of womanhood. Through Aurore’s daughters we see the heartache of first love, the joy of becoming a mother, and the shift in which you view your own parents as you grow older.

This is the perfect celebration of what it is to be a woman because its generation-spanning drama considers female relationships of all ages. If you’ve had enough of seeing the same old stories, I Got Life! is proof that women of all ages have tales to tell, and they’re fabulous.

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