Selling your house? These 16 property features could add thousands to the value of your home

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Planning to sell your home, but unsure how to increase the property value? Just a few tiny changes could make all the difference… 

If you’re thinking of decorating – or selling – your home soon, you may be interested in a surprising new study, which has revealed how certain features can significantly impact property prices.

According to research by blinds company, potential buyers are willing to spend up to an extra £400 for a house with a vegetable patch.

A swimming pool, exposed brickwork and even a bar at the end of the garden are also among the 16 property features which people are willing to splash the cash for, according to the survey of over 2000 house hunters. 

If you’re looking to increase the value of your house (and who isn’t), these are the 16 features house hunters are willing to pay extra for - and how much money they could be worth to them. 

two front doors with a brick facade
These 16 features could increase the value of your home by up to £54,850

1. A swimming pool - £10,000

The number one way to boost the value of your home, unsurprisingly, is to install a swimming pool. Forgetting the fact that we live in the home of eternal rain (perhaps a slight exaggeration, but still), potential buyers are so keen to take a dip they’re willing to pay premium prices – and we’re not complaining.

2. Being close to good schools - £8,000

This one’s a no-brainer: for many families, finding a home within the catchment area of a good school is vital.

3. Bar at the end of the garden - £6,000

While for some the charm of an evening jaunt to the pub might suffice, some of us have taken it one step further. Add a bar to your garden and you could be looking at adding an extra £6,000 to the value of your home when you decide to sell – that is, if you haven’t decided against the whole moving thing once you get a taste of your new private drinking establishment.

4. South-facing garden - £5,000

This is traditionally where gardens get the most sunshine.

5. Room to expand - £4,500

We all like to put our own stamp on things, and now people are willing to pay for the privilege. Sometimes less truly is more – hold off on that double-storey extension if you want to make yourself some money. 

people in swimming pool aerial shot
Adding a swimming pool to your property can boost its value by up to £10,000

6. A garage - £4,500

Whether it’s a secure home for the car or simply a place to put ‘stuff’, a garage is clearly an attractive feature for many potential buyers. 

7. Driveway parking - £4,000

Off-road parking is a much safer and secure alternative to leaving your car out on the road - and it can help reduce your insurance premium too. 

8. Smart home features - £3,500

Smart heating, smart doorbells, smart plugs… the possibilities these days truly are endless; nearly a quarter of us now live with these devices, according to research by YouGov. Take your pick and invest in a few smart appliances - you could find yourself £3,500 richer in the long run.

9. A second reception room - £3,000

Extra space is a luxury for those days when you just want a bit of peace and quiet.

10. Nice neighbours - £2,000

Don’t be afraid to advertise it if you’ve lucked out on the neighbours front – they could be earning you a nice £2,000 just for being up for a friendly chat.

11. Solar panels - £1,500

The answer to saving money and the planet at the same time? Yes please.

12. An open fire - £1,000

Hygge may not be as big as it once was, but that doesn’t mean our love of cosy interiors is going away anytime soon. Adding an open fire to your living space will not only keep you warm all winter – it could give your home’s value a nice little boost too.

13. Jacuzzi bath - £1,000

Having your own personal spa at home is the definition of bliss - having a jacuzzi bath is the first step.

14. Exposed brickwork - £850

Ah, exposed brickwork, the Instagram friendly aesthetic we all know and love. Strip off all that wallpaper and let the natural brick shine through to achieve that natural, stylish feel the buyers are willing to pay a little bit extra for.

15. A tight-knit community - £500

We want more from our homes than what’s inside the four walls, so a sense of community can really make or break a location. 

16. Vegetable patch - £400

The idyllic country dream, realised. 

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