This sex robot company is ‘cloning’ real life women

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Susan Devaney
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A company is pioneering technology to create artificially intelligent sex robots from scans of real women (yeah, you read it correctly). 

There’s no denying that technology – from iPhones to computers – plays a prominent part in making our everyday lives a lot easier. In recent months, it’s even played a powerful role in helping women fight for their abortion rights in Northern Ireland as robots distributed abortion pills (after they found a legal loophole which allowed them to do so).

But, as always, we’ve got to take the good with the bad.

Enter: sex robots cloned from real women.

Cloud Climax, a company based in China which resells DS Doll in Europe, has used artificial intelligence to create a talking sex robot – and will soon use 3D scanning of real women to speed up production.

“The 3D printer is connected to a 3D scanner which can be used to scan in the body of a full person as well as prototype parts for replication,” marketing manager Sam told the Daily Star. “This type of technology is excellent for creating new doll bodies and faces as they can be developed from a real human.”

But, if this technology is successful, it could potentially play a role in revenge porn – a view shared by experts.

“We could see this as a kind of revenge porn, which needs to be banned) because you could end up having your stalker or rapist or ex create a doll in the image of someone. This would turn it into a form of sexual harassment,” Kathleen Richardson, professor of ethics and culture robots and AI at De Montfort University, told

Not only is the use of technology “dehumanising” but it’s extremely worrying.

“3D printing will create a shell. There is a view that robots are becoming more sophisticated and that they will become indistinguishable from a human,” says Richardson. “We have to wonder why there is so much interest in mechanised dolls – we have to understand this is how porn is now developing.”

The UK sex robot industry is currently worth £22.5 billion. Over the past few years, sex robots have been more widely used in sex doll brothels in Europe, according to the Evening Standard

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