Twitter shuts down man who says that “girls with no ass” ruin his day

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Jasmine Andersson
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If you delve into the misogynist depths of social media, you’ll find plenty of examples of sexist bigots using the internet to flaunt their views and bend the rules to suit their own agenda: think Trump’s refusal to use the official presidential account, the sexist abuse that so many leading feminists receive, and the countless mansplaining egg accounts that seem to crop up every single time a woman has an opinion/breathes.

Thankfully, though, womankind has learned how to deal with these people. So, when one male Twitter user decided to make some infuriating body-shaming remarks on Twitter, he quickly found himself expertly shut down by… well, pretty much everybody on the micro-blogging site.  

The user, who goes by the name Spooky Sweatpants (IT IS NOT HALLOWEEN YET) has remarked that “girls with no ass” tend to “ruin his day”.  

The man in question gets expertly owned and we cannot help but look as happy as this woman

While Spooky seems happy with his 4,000+ retweets, he was less than pleased when the amazing women of the Twitterverse kicked into action with a plethora of pointed GIFs.

Here’s just a few of our favourites:

And it's not just @__Preshy that steps in to save the day.

And, of course, new users are adding their gold to their thread as we speak:

Be gone, body shamers

If the men of Twitter were ever served a more poignant reminder that women’s bodies do not exist for their gaze, this would be it. 

And if that involves a string of jubilant dance routines both on social media and IRL, then bring it on. 

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