Why these magazine covers will make you nostalgic for the Nineties

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Susan Devaney
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As Shout magazine celebrates its 25th anniversary, we take a look back at the publication’s best moments from the Nineties. 

As a young girl it was the highlight of my week: a trip to the supermarket where I could pick the magazine of my choice from the shelf.

Looking up, I’d be met with every colour-popping publication possible – from Top of the Pops and Mizz to Girl Talk. But my loyalty never faltered: I always, always reached for Shout.

Inside, I’d find pages full of the latest must-have fashion accessories (glitter-festooned jelly sandals, anyone?), or an in-depth tell-all feature with the Backstreet Boys. If I was especially lucky, then there would be a seriously deep personality quiz, too: I remember how my friends and I would huddle around it on the school playground, each desperate to find out which Spice Girl we were. 

And, of course, there were the amazing celebrity interviews. Indeed, since its launch in 1993, Shout has had found its way into many a young girl’s life over the past 25 years – including well-known celebrities such as Holly Willoughby, Fearne Cotton and Emma Willis.

Here are a just a few of our favourite Shout covers from the Nineties. 

Many a celebrity graced the cover of Shout before they hit the big-time. Case in point: Keeley Hawes. The British actress has starred in many successful TV shows since 1993 – from Ashes to Ashes and Line of Duty to The Durrells

A magazine from the Nineties didn’t stand a chance without including a ‘free’ goody on the front – right? Did someone say a free make-up bag? We’ll take it. AND a giant poster of everyone’s favourite boyband of the time, Take That. 

‘Scary true life’ stories was the hook we all wanted to see on the front cover of Shout. It provided the perfect talking point at many a girls’ sleepover. 

Competitions, horoscopes and … Peter Andre (with curtains!). All for just 90p. Ah, the Nineties. 

Of course, we had to take a peek inside some of the issues, too…

What better way to ‘workout’ than with a lesson from Keeley Hawes? We learned from a young age that taking care of yourself was important. 

Yes, that is the brilliant Emma Willis wearing an all-white ensemble while pottering around in the garden…

Who didn’t own a pair of jelly shoes from Tammy Girl? They were the fashion staple of many a school disco in 1993. 

Before Holly Willoughby was gracing our screens every day on This Morning, she was drinking Strathmore Clear and listening to All Saints on her Sony Discman (just like us). 

Was this the first insight into Fearne’s life for us? We think it was. From buffalo trainers and jelly beans to combat trousers, Fearne has always known what’s on-trend. 

“Celebrating Shout’s 25th year has given us all the chance to take that, often cringeworthy, walk down memory lane,” said Louise Kettle, editor of Shout. “But it turns out we were all style icons of our time. It’s been amazing to see all the trends and reminisce about the music we were listening to and the programmes we were watching.”

From halterneck tops to camouflage, the Nineties are definitely influencing our style choices today. And we’re about to see many a Nineties’ revival and reboot on the screen – from Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Which is why in celebration of the publication’s incredible history, Shout is launching an internship programme to help people get a foot in the industry. Interested? You’ll be hosted at DCT Media’s Dundee headquarters for a two-week immersive internship.

Kettle said: “We’re very aware of how tough it is to gain experience in the industry – financial constraints often exclude those with great talent and potential. This is why we wanted to offer an all-expenses paid opportunity through our annual internship programme.”

Full details regarding the internship will be announced via Shout’s social later this month. 

Images: Courtesy of Shout Magazine