This is the sibling who will be most spoilt this Christmas

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Moya Crockett
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A new survey reveals that we have different ideas about who gets the most gifts.

Even the most sensible of adults will admit to sometimes getting competitive with their siblings at Christmas. This might manifest itself in countless dog-eat-dog games of Monopoly, or in the annual unspoken contest to get your hard-to-please dad the best gift. Or sometimes it might surface in the form of resentment after one sibling gets more presents than the others.

And according to the results of a new survey, there’s one sibling who we expect to be more spoilt than any of the others at Christmas: the youngest girl.

Reassuringly, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your little sister is guaranteed to receive more gifts than you on 25 December. In the poll of 1,000 Brits conducted by shopping and fundraising site Give as You Live, the majority of people (76%) said they believed that all their siblings were indulged equally at Christmas. 

However, one in ten people thought that the youngest sister gets the most gifts under the tree. That number jumped significantly to one in four (24%) young people aged 18-24, who were the most likely to say that the youngest girls received preferential treatment. 

“… They’re all for me.”

More than a fifth of Glaswegians said that the youngest girl got the most presents, with 12% of Londoners agreeing.

If you’re an elder sibling and you live in Brighton, however, you’re in luck: 9% of residents of the seaside city said that it was actually the oldest sister who was the most spoilt.

Mancunians were the fairest of all, with 80% saying that all gifts got shared equally between siblings.

Backing up the idea of middle child syndrome, almost nobody said that middle siblings came out on top on Christmas Day. Just 1% of Brits said the middle girl got the most gifts, with only 2% saying the middle boy.

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Just maybe don’t get anything additional for the youngest girl in your family – she’ll be spoilt enough as it is.

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