Chic small bathroom storage ideas to make the most of your space

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Wondering how to get the most out of your small bathroom? These storage ideas are the space-saving hacks you’ve been waiting for. 

Whether you’re the owner of a small bathroom or just an interiors fiend, you’ve probably spent time researching how to make the most of limited space. 

From bathroom makeover ideas to transform a previously dingy space to those little touches that make all the difference (like an influx of plants or a statement mirror), there’s much you can do with a small bathroom to make it shine. 

For most people, though, the biggest issue is storage. We know this not just from our own experiences, but because Pinterest told us so. The inspiration-sharing site has reported a 30% surge in users searching for design and storage ideas relating to small bathrooms – and no wonder, given that the UK’s aggressive rental market has forced people into smaller and smaller homes

So we’ve trawled Pinterest to find the best storage ideas and small space hacks for small bathrooms, coming up with ways of storing your lotions and potions in a way that still look infinitely chic. Check out our ideas below and try incorporating them into your small bathroom space now…

Tip 1: Stack shelves above your toilet

The space above your toilet is usually rendered completely useless, but it’s actually an untapped storage gold mine. Make the most of this pocket of room by stacking two, three of even four shelves if you can, which act as not only somewhere to store bathroom products but is also an added opportunity for some design features. 

If your bathroom has a rustic feel then raw wooden shelves will look cool and earthy, while a more sleek bathroom will probably suit plain white shelves better. We suggest mixing up the way you layer the shelves so that it’s not all storage to avoid looking messy. 

We like how the example above uses a cage-style basket for storage, something you could easily throw lots of products into, as well as leaving space for plants and decorative items. 


Tip 2: Mount baskets on the walls

For super practical items that need stacking, like towels or toilet paper rolls, baskets are a low-key and easy way to create an effective storage system out of thin air. 

While shelves look chic, baskets are good for chucking textile products in that can be piled on top of one another, which can be really handy. 

We love how plants have been strategically placed on top of the baskets in the example above, to add some colour and life. 


  • Hanging basket

    Bathroom storage: hanging basket

    This powder coated steel hanging basket is a stylish home for toiletries and houseplants. Mix and match alternate sizes at different heights for ultimate #shelfie goals. 

    Shop hanging basket at Garden Trading, £28

  • Metal wire basket

    Bathroom storage: metal wire basket

    This gold wire basket is a chic and affordable way to spruce your bathroom counter, but if you fancy getting creative, a couple of wall hooks will create nifty hanging storage too. 

    Shop metal wire basket at H&M, £9.99

Tip 3: Use a decorative ladder

Decorative ladders like this can most commonly be found leaned against a wall with towels draped upon them, usually in bathrooms with a little more space to play with. 

But as this clever example shows, if you remove some of the lower legs from the ladder, you can use that mostly unfrequented space behind your loo and find a spot to hang your bathroom essentials.

Piling up towels, hand towels and face cloths makes the most initial sense but you could also get a mini basket or holder with a hook to fit shower gels and such in there too. 

Tip 4: Create mini shelves within your shower

Although this one will take a little more investment (after all, building waterproof shelves isn’t quite as easy as leaning a ladder against a wall), it could make your life a lot easier if you’re constantly leaving shower gels and shampoo bottles around your shower.

We recommend going for the same shade as your shower tiles. If you’re keen to give the DIY a go yourself, there are some handy instruction videos here and here, or you could enlist the help of a professional.

Looking for more ideas on how to revamp your bathroom? Millennial pink bathroom accessories are another way to keep your space up to date.

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