Bedroom ideas inspired by luxury hotel decor trends

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Make the most of being at home and transform your bedroom with these luxury decor touches used in five-star hotels. 

There’s something so delicious about slipping into bed in a five-star hotel that, for us, it’s one of the best things about going away. After a long day of trudging the streets on a city break, the promise of a luxuriously comfortable hotel room is what we’re living for and we often wonder, how do they do it?

The sheets are softer, the pillow formation more comfortable, the accessories look just right – sometimes we wish we could live in a hotel so as to enjoy these pleasures all year round.     

This, obviously, isn’t possible – but especially at the moment as the global coronavirus pandemic means that many of us won’t be going on holiday for the foreseeable future.

While we’re spending most of our time in our homes, this seems like the perfect opportunity to perfect that five-star feel and invest in our bedrooms. We might not be able to go on a break away for a while, but we can at least play pretend.

We spoke to interior designers, homeware brands like Anthropologie and experts in the industry to come up with all the ways you can make your bedroom feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel. From which pillows to use to the perfect finishing touches. 

  • Use hotel-sized pillows

    A super simple way to make your bed look like it’s straight out of your favourite hotel is to use hotel-sized pillows and, crucially, more of them. 

    The perfect arrangement is to go for three large square-shaped pillows along the back, with a further two or three rectangle-shaped pillows in front of those. Dimensions can vary depending on where you buy them, but Soho Home provides a good guide as it sells the exact pillows used in its luxury hotels across the world. Square-shaped pillows are 65cm x 65cm and rectangular should be W90cm x L50cm for the back, or W75cm x L50cm if used in front.

    Shop pillows at Soho Home, from £135

  • Candles are key

    Interior designer Katharine Pooley recommends not underestimating the power of a scented candle. “Little touches like candles can make such a difference – not only do they make your room smell divine, they also add a soft glow and warmth that will make any room feel luxurious,” she says. 

    We recommend popping one on each bedside table and using complimenting scents such as cinnamon and vanilla, rose and oud or citrus and herb.

    Shop de-stress candle from Neom, £32

  • Keep fresh flowers

    We think that having a vase of fresh flowers always makes your home feel a little more special, but instead of keeping them in the kitchen for all to enjoy, it’s even lovelier to have them in the bedroom for yourself. 

    Most hotel rooms will have a bunch of blooms on display for their guests to enjoy, as it provides an instant lift and scent for the room. We recommend using a large, fluted clear vase and filling with a strikingly coloured flower to create impact.

    Shop flowers from Bloom & Wild, from £23

  • Invest in a lighting scheme

    Pooley recommends using three levels of lighting to create a five-star atmosphere. “Lighting can often be forgotten about, with homes often containing harsh and unflattering ambience. Take a leaf out of the book of luxury hotels and pick flattering, soft lighting. You won’t realise what a difference it makes!

    “Lighting is (alongside beautiful bedlinen) the most important element in a successful bedroom design. There are three levels of light that will build to create an inviting interior, and are replicated across all my designs. Low level lighting is created with a pair of lamps to the bedside tables (crystal can work well especially when positioned in front of a pair of elegant mirrors), and a lamp to the dressing table if there is one.

    “Then you must consider high level lighting – if there is good ceiling height then a pendant or chandelier will look fabulous. This can be supported by wall lights which work well in panelling or against a lightly textured finish like a silk wallpaper or polished plaster. The last area of lighting is general lighting in the form of overhead downlights or coffer lighting. I like to make this as discreet as possible and build the other two levels of lighting to create the required illumination.”

    Shop dome lamp from Zara Home, £119.99

  • Plants, plants and more plants

    Luella Lane, creative director of Anthropologie Europe, says that after all of her experiences with different hotels, plants can make a huge difference.

    “I love visiting hotels when I can as a treat but when I can’t I love to pay special attention to my house. Adding special touches can really up the atmosphere and make you feel wrapped up in a cosy world that just could be your own little boutique hotel,” she says.

    “The first thing I would add in LOTS of plants, I love Happy House Plants or really unusual plants of all shapes and sizes, and Anthropologie have some gorgeous pots to add another element of unique to everything.”

    Shop dumb cane dieffenbachia tropic snow at Happy House Plants, £44.99

  • Treat yourself to fancy toiletries

    We’ll all recognise this as one of the nicest things about staying somewhere lovely, trying out some new toiletries. Lane suggests mimicking this in your own house: “Fill your bathroom with gorgeous products. I love La Eva and Kloris, two beautiful organic brands that we have sourced and stock at Anthropologie.”

    Shop ROSĒUM WASH at La Eva, £18

  • Pick neutral-coloured, high quality bed linen

    The French Bedroom Company say it’s all down to the sheets you pick.

    “For pure boutique hotel chic the main consideration should be to get your bed linen just right: white, crisp, ironed, and of the highest thread count,” they say.

    “The colour palette should be minimal with just two or three colours. Often hotels will have a dark painted wall behind the headboard to create a cocooning effect.”

    Shop smooth and silky bed linen at Tielle Love Luxury, from £180

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