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How to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel

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Make the most of being at home and transform your bedroom with these luxury decor touches used in five-star hotels. 

There’s something so delicious about slipping into bed in a five-star hotel that, for us, it’s one of the best things about going away. After a long day of trudging the streets on a city break, the promise of a luxuriously comfortable hotel room is what we’re living for and we often wonder, how do they do it?

The sheets are softer, the pillow formation more comfortable, the accessories look just right – sometimes we wish we could live in a hotel so as to enjoy these pleasures all year round.     

This, obviously, isn’t possible – but especially at the moment as the global coronavirus pandemic means that many of us won’t be going on holiday for the foreseeable future.

While we’re spending most of our time in our homes, this seems like the perfect opportunity to perfect that five-star feel and invest in our bedrooms. We might not be able to go on a break away for a while, but we can at least play pretend.

We spoke to interior designers, homeware brands like Anthropologie and experts in the industry to come up with all the ways you can make your bedroom feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel. From which pillows to use to the perfect finishing touches. 

  • Pick quality bed linen

    This one’s a biggie and, of course, it makes total sense. The bed is at the centre of any hotel room so you want to make sure you pick the best sheets possible. 

    Now, choosing the right sheets for you will depend on factors such as what type of material you prefer, the season and your bedroom’s colour scheme. But there’s one brand that we think is ticking every box and certainly worthy of your attention. 

    Crisp Sheets was founded by Lara Ourtane who, when shopping for her new apartment, struggled to find sheets that had personality, style, comfort and affordability. Crisp Sheets’ bedding is made from the brand’s signature crisp cotton blend which is woven in a special technique, giving the textile a uniquely crisp touch.

    Our favourite thing about Crisp Sheets is the selection of on-trend colours to choose from. Here, you’ll find an abundance of dreamy pastels which ooze effortless cool. Which when you find out the brand is Dutch, is hardly surprising.

    Comfort rating: Divine. Soft, easy to handle (no one likes putting on a duvet cover, do they?) and breathable. The colours are even more stylish in real life. 

    Shop duvet sets at Crisp Sheets, from £57

  • Invest in a lighting scheme

    To create a real five-star atmosphere we recommend using three levels of lighting. 

    Picking flattering, soft lighting makes such a difference to your bedroom environment and the best way to do this is to ensure that you don’t have one main light source – using a multitude of lamps is key.

    Low level lighting is created with a pair of lamps on the bedside tables, plus a lamp on a dressing table or chest of drawers.

    Then, for high level lighting a pendant ceiling light works really well for creating a stylish statement without being too bright. This can be supported by wall lights, if you really want to go for it.

    Shop Otha lamp at Made, £69

  • Use hotel-sized pillows

    A super simple way to make your bed look like it’s straight out of your favourite hotel is to use hotel-sized pillows and, crucially, more of them. 

    The perfect arrangement is to go for three large square-shaped pillows along the back, with a further two or three rectangle-shaped pillows in front of those. 

    Dimensions can vary depending on where you buy them, but John Lewis & Partners has a brilliant range of square-shaped pillows in a plethora of sizes. We recommend getting the largest size which is 68cm x 68cm.

    Comfort rating: Plump and structured but still comfy. Two to three of these along the back of your pillow arrangement is a must. 

    Shop duck feather cushion pad at John Lewis & Partners, from £16

  • Plants, plants and more plants

    Plants are an essential final layer when decorating any room, especially for creating a calming, uplifting atmosphere. 

    Being around plants is proven to make us feel happier, calmer and less stressed, which is one of the reasons so many hotels ensure that their rooms have a healthy dose of them. Plus, walking into a room full of lush greenery not only looks great, but purifies the air which can lead to a better night’s sleep, too.

    We recommend stocking up on leafy friends so that you can cluster them around the room. Ideally, you want one large plant in a corner, potentially nestled in between pieces of furniture. Then, a group of medium to small-sized plants in plant stands at different heights to create depth wherever it feels natural to place them. 

    Finally, a small plant on the bedside table will give the bed (often the focus of the room) a splash of colour and life. Beards and Daisies are a brilliant place to buy house plants from as they have an easy-to-use online service, a large variety of plant types and lots of great information on how to care for them. Plus, delivery is quick and sends your new green friends straight to your door safe and sound.

    Shop large house plants at Beards and Daisies, £14.99

  • Ensure your sleep is as cloud-like as possible

    Yes, they look pretty swish, but one of the best things about staying in a hotel is all the benefits of a bed that has been planned and made to perfection to give you a really good night’s sleep. 

    When it comes to building a bed set-up that is truly comfortable it’s the little things that matter. Indeed, investing in less-essential bed accessories like a mattress topper actually makes all the difference. 

    John Lewis & Partners has a range of mattress toppers available but we especially like the natural goose feather and down 5cm deep mattress topper.

    It has been designed with a dual-layer topper, made from soft goose down and feather for luxurious comfort, plus a firm, 100% fine feather base for support. It’s the perfect balance between pillowy and supportive.

    Comfort rating: If you’ve held back from investing in a mattress topper before, please, treat yourself. It really makes a difference and adds to the overall experience.

    Shop natural goose feather and down 5cm deep mattress topper at John Lewis & Partners, from £104

  • Candles are key

    Little touches like candles can make such a difference – not only do they make your room smell divine, they also add a soft glow and warmth that will make any room feel luxurious.

    We recommend popping one on each bedside table and using complementing scents such as cinnamon and vanilla, rose and oud or citrus and herb.

    Lit,’s candles are so good, you can smell them even before you’ve opened the gift box. The brand is female-founded and small batch made, running out of a small studio in Leeds. Each candle is 100% natural and crafted using sustainable ingredients and we can vouch that they fill a room with scent in the most delightful way.

    Shop ylang ylang, sweet orange and lavender candle at Lit, £40

  • Opt for neutral coloured bed linen

    Secret Linen Store
    Secret Linen Store

    If you’re unsure of what colour scheme to pick for your bedding then opt for neutral, that’s a sure-fire way to create a luxurious feel fit for a hotel.

    The colour palette should be minimal with just two or three colours. Often hotels will have a dark painted wall behind the headboard to create a cocooning effect with lighter coloured sheets on the bed. 

    Secret Linen Store’s flint grey bedding set (pictured) is perfect for this. Sophisticated, calming and chic, it will work with a plethora of other colours for the bedroom such as blues, greens, off-whites or moody charcoal. It has a soft feel and relaxed, washed appearance thanks to its 100% linen, fine flax blend. 

    Comfort rating: There’s a reason the Secret Linen Store is the go-to place for linen bedding. It’s magical formula means that its sheets are soft, breathable and utterly comfortable.

    Shop flint grey 100% linen bed linen at Secret Linen Store, from £18

  • Keep fresh flowers

    We think that having a vase of fresh flowers always makes your home feel a little more special, but instead of keeping them in the kitchen for all to enjoy, it’s even lovelier to have them in the bedroom for yourself. 

    Most hotel rooms will have a bunch of blooms on display for their guests to enjoy, as it provides an instant lift and scent for the room. We recommend signing up to a subscription like The Bloom Bunch, which comes from Scottish female-owned florists Lavender and Rose, so that you always know you have quality, sustainable flowers coming in. 

    The Bloom Bunch is £45 a month for a large delivery of wedding-grade flowers from British suppliers in low-waste and plastic-free packaging. You should get enough to make around three bunches with tutorials from the team on how to care for them and try out different arrangements.

    When deciding where to put your lovely flowers once you have them, we would recommend a large, fluted clear vase on a bedside table for an impact.

    Shop The Bloom Bunch flower subscription at Lavender and Rose, £45

  • Treat yourself to fancy toiletries

    We’ll all recognise this as one of the nicest things about staying somewhere lovely, trying out some new toiletries. 

    So, why not try mimicking this in your own house with gorgeous products from the likes of La Eva, an organic brand which looks the part, too.

    Shop products at La Eva, from 18.50

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