The most snug and cosy 'book nooks' to inspire the creation of your own retreat

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If you haven't come across the concept of 'book nooks' yet, you're in for a treat.

These self-styled reading retreats are the perfect way of escaping the world for a few blissful hours, with only your favourite books for company.

You can create these hideaways from absolutely anything, be it alcoves, window seats or leftover wardrobe space. You just need to add in cushions, fabrics, maybe some fairy-lights or a net canopy, and a book shelf or two. 

Anything that makes it a peaceful, cosy and secluded den that is definitively yours, away from everything else. 

We've scoured the hotbed of design inspiration that is Pinterest for the snuggest and most beautifully curated book nooks around. Take a look and get set to wile away a leisurely afternoon curled up in your very own literary bed-nest...

  • Below stairs

    That awkward triangle of under-stairs space makes for a fabulous reading hideout. There's just room for a snug sofa, a few tea lights, and all your favourite reads at arm's reach.

    See here for a step-by-step DIY guide on building shelves under stairs

    (via Pinterest)

  • Cushion with a view

    Granted, not all windows come with a sea view but this is a great example of how to work the concept. 

    Clear your home's best vantage point of lacklustre plant pots and other clutter, and invest in one or two of these gorgeous boxy floor cushions for the ultimate reading spot.

    (via Pinterest)

  • Secret garden

    A leafy alfresco nest makes the best kind of library, we think you'll agree. This rattan patio day bed would do the trick and it comes with its own canopy. 

    Fresh G&T not included. 

    (via Pinterest)

  • Alcove for one

    This is a great way of converting unwanted wardrobe space, or a leftover alcove area that's just a bit too small for anything else. 

    See here for tips on creating and personalising for very own reading alcove. 

    (via Pinterest)

  • Curtains Up

    Create your own sense of drama by separating off a shelf or mezzanine level with a white netted canopy. 

    It's a budget-friendly way of forming your own private space to curl up with a book in. This IKEA curtain should do nicely.

    (via Pinterest)

  • Sail away

    Could there be a more glorious venue for a spot of leisurely afternoon reading than a hammock? We think not.

    An indoor version will see you through the winter months in style. Just make sure you mount it properly. Follow this video guide for tips.

    (via Pinterest)

  • Fantasy land

    Whimsy abounds in this loose, vintage-inspired look, that manages to conjure up all the magic of a truly good read. 

    Design your own version with these beautiful floral cushions from Hicks & Hicks or see here for inspiration on using indoor vines. 

    (via Pinterest)

  • Cubbyhole cool

    It doesn't come cheap, but we can imagine spending lots of time burrowed away in this fine design.

    A similar version comes courtesy of this Tahiti rattan daybed, which lets you pretend you are lounging on a South Sea island somewhere (rather than reading a book in your living room). 

    (via Pinterest)

  • Loft space

    Reserve a corner of your attic to eek out a sublime reading space. Use a thick fluffy rug with plenty of cushions and low-level shelving. 

    We love the look of this cheery Heal's carpet in mustard blended with these soft grey cushions. Whitewash walls are part of the look, naturally.

    (via Pinterest)

  • Fabric fiesta

    We are big fans of the playful blend of contrasting fabrics here; it makes for a delightfully snug space.

    All you need to re-create the look is fabric bunting, paper lanterns and a vibrant mish-mash of materials such as this pink batik sarong from Etsy. 

    (via Nesting Gypsy)

  • Colour me happy

    How inviting does this nook look? The mint green hue lends a sense of individuality to the space, and offsets the light coming in through the window perfectly. 

    See this article on creating a colour scheme that works

    (via Pinterest)

  • Seat retreat

    You could always opt for a ready-made book nook within a set structure, like this. 

    The seat is just wide enough to curl up on and you can use the space beneath the cushion to store more books in.

    See here for more on custom-made bookshelves

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