4 great reasons to go sober in October

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Susan Devaney
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Yoga teacher Laurie McAllister (aka Girl & Tonic) has been sober for 600 days. Here’s how she achieved it and why. 

Making the decision to forgo cocktails and large glasses of red wine is no easy one.

But it’s a decision that yoga teacher Laurie McAllister (also known as Girl & Tonic) made 600 days ago and she hasn’t looked at a G&T since.

From learning how to socialise without a drink in hand to being more productive, McAllister has changed her life since letting go of alcohol.

Here she shares some tips for people wanting to get involved with Sober October. 

1) You are a better friend 

“Relationships improve without alcohol, so when I first stopped drinking I was really worried that I’d have no friends left,” says McAllister. “All of my relationships were built on drinking and going out. But actually when I’m present – without a drink in my hand – I can be a much better friend.”

2) You can still go out and have a great time 

“When I first stopped drinking I found it really difficult to go out, but a lot of my concerns were just in my head,” explains McAllister. “I’d worry about what people might say or that they’d try to persuade me to drink. 

“But over time I found that anxiety fades. I found that if I waited out that awkward first half hour [after arriving at a social event] then my anxiety would ease and I’d have a great time. I’d just end up leaving a little bit earlier than everybody else.”

3) No more hangovers 

“Life without a hangover is beautiful,” says McAllister. “I’ve been hangover-free for over 600 days now. And I’ve discovered that waking up every morning without a hangover makes me feel like there’s so much more potential for the day ahead.”

4) You can achieve much more without alcohol 

“Going sober will make your dreams come true,” says McAllister. “Removing hangovers and the focus on nights out will not only leave you with more money, but also more time to make changes in your life so you can do the things that you really want to do.

“If you told me in December 2016 that right now I’d be living in Norfolk with a little dog called Margot and working from home, I would never have believed you. 

“My life looks so different from living in a dark, dingy flat in Hackney – where I was anxious and depressed most days, and I’m so grateful for the change.”

Watch our video above to learn more. 


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